Thursday, February 5, 2015

John Crusey The Social Club Spotlight tour


“That sounds pretty ominous,” Jay Lester says, following the driving instructions that the lawyer is giving him. “It’s not as bad as all that,” the lawyer laughs, “but these people do value their privacy.” “How long has it been in existence?” “To be honest, I’m not sure. A few lawyers, looking for a safe place to spend some time with a mistress or an occasional hooker, started the club several years ago. You know, getting caught in a situation like that can be so untidy and very expensive.” “So you’ve got something like a brothel out here?” “Some of the guys still use it for meetings like that, but it’s become much more. As more powerful people, in high positions joined our group, we could see opportunities, like the one we’re going to share with you tonight, and many members have become fabulously wealthy. Turn onto this county road coming up on the left.” “I’m not opposed to being wealthy,” Jay Lester laughs. “As long as it’s on the up and up.” “Nobody’s going to jail,” Bratigum smiles, “You’ll more than likely spend your days at a country club. A minute or two passes and he directs Lester, “See that old farm house on the left, pull in there.” “What? That’s some kind of super rich man’s club? The thing needs to be torn down!” “Jay, don’t be too hasty. Pull around behind the house and into an old equipment shed, where your car can’t be seen from the road.” Parking among a half dozen other cars as he is told, Lester punches the button turning off his Cadillac, “I don’t believe this.” “You will, soon enough. Come on,” urged Stan Bratigum, opening his car door.


John Crusey lives in Piqua, Ohio with his wonderful wife, Kathy, and their two cats, Mama and Earl. Totally disabled in 1998, John began searching for activities that he could still take part in. Writing grabbed him and hasn't let go. Because of writing, John now says that being disabled was one of the best things that ever happened to him. It also gave him the opportunity to learn a great deal about himself. He wrote a weekly column for a local newspaper for about two years, and has sold several magazine articles. Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul used one of John's stories as their lead. In 2012, his first eBook, Ella, came out. Ella is a fictionalized account of the life of one of John's close friends. Everything that happens to Ella in the story is true, but names and geography are changed to keep her true identity hidden. Through a long struggle, John has regained a lot of what he'd lost when he was disabled, and he enjoys riding his tadpole, recumbent trike on Piqua's beautiful bike path every chance he gets.

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