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Review Naughty Tricks and Sinful Treats Anthology

Review Naughty Tricks & Sinful Treats Anthology
Milly Taiden
April Angel
Rachel Firasek
Jennifer James

I know a lot of people do not like to read anthologies and I used to be that way a long time ago but I have found that anthologies are a great way to discover new to me authors.
NAUGHTY TREATS AND SINFUL TREATS is a good example why. Everyone by now knows that I love Milly Taiden and her alter ego April Angel.  I love anything this woman writes. I have long been an advocate for her to write longer  and if you have never read a book by Milly Taiden under any of her names then you will be right alongside clamoring for more.
In Bitten By Night Kiara is in lust with her boss Royce, but she is a cat shifter and he is a wolf shifter. Canines and felines rarely go together but as you all know there are exceptions to the rule. Kiara is in heat, there is a full moon and its Halloween and Royce decides now is the time to claim his mate.  Yes it is funny and sexy like you have come to know and love with a Milly Taiden title.  What I especially loved though is that it is connected to her April Angel novella SEDUCED BY DAY. or should it really be Days?
YES SHE HAS FINALLY WRITTEN A MENAGE!! Andd it is freaking hot. I always knew she had it in her now cannot help but want more menages.  Stephanie is Kiara's coworker but she is in love with her bosses the Day twins.  
When she gets an invitation to the Halloween party she is warned by Royce to stay out of the East wing. But you know how it is when your told not to do something? Yep it was a trick but readers got the treat with the threesome between Stephanie and Brent and Bryan Day. To say it was hot would be an understatement.  Bring out the fudge, turn up the air conditioning  and be prepared for an ice cold shower.
I love her Milly books and always will but in my opinion she doesn't write nearly enough April Angel books.

Then there is the new to me author Rachel Firasek and PRANKS ANDS SPANKS.  Allison is in a relationship with Graham Taiden her ex sexy boss. Although they have been together off and on for months in Allison's mind they are exclusive. 
But Allison isn't sure if Graham sees them the same way. 
PRANKS AND SPANKS is a sub/dom relationhip that will just may short circuit your e-ereading device. The sexual chemistry between Graham and Allison is scorchingly hot and will make you go and get another box of fudge.  But I also loved the characters themselves and wanted to read more about them.
If you haven't read Rachel Firasek yet make space on your e-reader for her other titles because your going to go and buy her back titles.

In HIS NAUGHTY SUCCUBUS by Jennifer James Trinity Bell is a succubus and has been waiting for Liam McDonnell famous ghost hunter. Can she seduce him into doing what she wants? Who doesn't love a haunted house?  If this happens when you go to one I might just start looking for a haunted house around here.
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