Sunday, October 13, 2013

Her Forbidden Affair by Rayne Bexley

Her Forbidden Affair
by Rayne Bexley
Horny Devil Publishing
Menage M/f/f

Jackson has a feeling about his wife not being faithful he videotapes her in their bedroom with her lover. Only Jade's lover is not a he but a she her bff Sydney. Jackson is hurt but also turned on watching his wife and her lover.
Jade loves Jackson but she also loves Sydney.  She knows she cannot have both in her life but what if she can?
Rayne Bexley's HER FORBIDDEN AFFAIR is a menage but instead of the normal male/male/female interaction she gives us the opposite female/female/male. I love menages but have noticed a lack of f/f/m books and thankfully Ms Bexley gives us a trio that readers will genuinely like. Jackson is a private investigator and a good guy and Jade is a jewelery designer who is also someone you would like to hang with. Add Sydney and you have a book that will cause you to head for the freezer and some ice cream.
I only wish that HER FORBIDDEN AFFAIR was longer. I know fans of menages will love     HER FORBIDDEN AFFAIR and start bugging Rayne Bexley for more menages like this one.
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