Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: Undeniable by Indigo Sin

Indigo Sin
Horny Devil Publishing
Erotic Contemporary

Indigo Sin has fast become a must read for me and UNDENIABLE is one reason why. Trent once had everything but lost it all a few years ago when he admitted to committing a crime he did not do. While he can get by without the finer things in life the one thing he cannot get over is his former fiance Hazel.
Now working in a plant, Trent is in for a shock when he realizes she is his new boss.
Hazel has never gotten over the breakup of her engagement and when she sees Trent again she is determined to find out why he broke her heart.
UNDENIABLE is without the best thing Indigo Sin has written so far. I find myself saying that with every release but she does get better with each new book. I seriously would love to see a longer book by Ms Sin.
But until then I will just keep inhaling anything she writes.


Tingles of awareness skittered up her spine. Excitement had butterflies in her belly fluttering in frenzy, and goose bumps blooming over her flesh. He’d shown up after all. She could feel his gaze on her, almost a physical caress. Unable to stop herself, her head turned in his direction, anticipation pumping her heart furiously. She thought she had it under control…until the shadowed form beckoned to her with one finger. Mouth suddenly dry, she stood and smoothed her skirt nervously, doing a quick check of the area before starting in his direction. With every step, his face came into better focus. He was in need of a shave, the dark shadow of his beard giving him a sexy, bad-boy look. Damn, if it didn’t make something tug low in her belly. He wore a tight black t-shirt that hugged every defined muscle deliciously. He was pure sex, right down to his ripped, worn blue jeans. Stopping a few feet away, she tucked her hair behind her ear and hugged herself against the cool night air. “Hi.” There was little else to say. She was just happy to see him again. The side of Trent’s mouth kicked up in a slow, sexy smirk. “Hey.” “I didn’t think you were going to come,” she said, her voice soft. Trent stared back at her for a moment before putting his beer to his lips, taking a long drink. Man he smelled good. His hair was damp, pulled back in a low ponytail, and he smelled of soap. In the shadow of the massive tree overhead, he’d never looked better. Slowly his smile faded, and a serious look took over his face. “Look, Hazel, I have some things I need to tell you. Let’s take a walk.” He pushed away from the tree, turning his back to her, walking deeper into the darkness. Glancing quickly back at the gathering, no one was even aware she had wandered off, which was good. Whatever Trent had to say, she needed to hear it. Five years she’d waited for an explanation.

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