Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reapers Mercy by TL Reeve

Reaper's Mercy

Reapers Mercy
by TL Reeve
Horny Devil Publishing

Kimber is forced to bargain (literally) with Death when he finds out that his sadistic father sold his soul to Satan.   He has 72 hours to show that his father sold him without his knowledge but Death is not unattractive.
Death is a hunk and Kimber can't help but think of ways to spend his last days on Earth with Death in his bed.

I became a fan of TL Reeve the minute I read her first book and REAPER'S MERCY is the best she has written yet. The sexual chemistry between Kimber and Lucifer is hotter then the place Death calls home but it will also have you reaching for some tissue as readers learn what kind of monster his father is.

Fans of TL Reeve will love REAPER'S MERCY and new readers will have her searching for her backlist.
Go and get your copy today.

Book Description

 August 4, 2013
I never thought there was anything special or intriguing about me, until the night Death came to visit.
Forced to gamble my existence on my dishonest father’s actions, I had Seventy-two hours to expose the deal he agreed to with Lucifer.

With Death by my side, and time running out, I didn’t stand a hope in hell of holding him accountable. Who was I kidding; daddy dearest had only just begun to expose me to the reality of his world. Somehow, I knew I would never be the same again.

Beware of the dotted line. It might just kill you...or me.

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