Friday, July 19, 2013

Warlord Reunited by Cynthia Sax

Warlord Reunited
Cynthia Sax
Ellora's Cave
Warlord Reunited: 3 (Barbarian Claims)

WARLORD REUNITED is the latest in Cynthia Sax' Barbarian Claims series with Ellora's Cave. Elle goes looking for Berke to break the mating bond that was accidentally formed. Instead of
taking her home Berke drops her on a distant planet and leaves her there.
Now two of Elle's friends have become bonded with wo of Berke's brothers and she doesn't want them to suffer the same fate and have their hearts broken.
When I see that Cynthia Sax has a new release I have to read it immediately. wARLORD REUNITED is a good example as to why Cynthia Sax books rock. Elle does her best to fight her attraction
to Berke but the minute they are within reach of the other needs cannot be denied.  Elle
is a kickass heroine who fights beside her man and Berke is the hero who has to decide if
he wants her there.
Go and get your copy today. If you have not read the other two in the series, no worries they are still available but they can be read separately.

Book 3 of Barbarian Claims series
Solar cycles ago, Elle bonded with Berke, the fiercest of all Warlords. He declared their sexually intense bonding a mistake, deposited Elle on a distant planet and returned to Chamele to fight a war. Elle dealt with their separation by creating one of the best bounty-hunter schools in the galaxies.
Now, two of her top students have made the same mistake she did, bonding with Chamele Warlords. Determined to develop an antidote and save them from the pain she’s experienced, Elle captures her barbarian mate. Tempers flare and passions burn as she thaws the ice around Berke’s heart, revealing a desire too strong to ever be dissolved.
Because the most savage lust and love is hidden within the coldest of Warlords.
A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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