Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review: Thirst by TK Holt

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TK Holt
Horny Devil Publishing

THIRST is the very first release by author TK Holt and I can safely say it will not be
her last. After a one night stand Damian Cross wakes up a changed man literally.  But not only
that but the woman who changed him claims that he is her mate and that she wants him to
rule with her over the vampire clan. 
Not so sure he wants this life Damian struggles with a life and death situation. Either embrace his new life or die.
I love vampire romances and TK Holt does a great job showing readers the inner struggle
that Damian goes through. He is also confronted by a woman from his past which ads to his already conflicting emotions.
I already cannot wait for the next release from TK Holt and I know readers will feel the same way.


Damian Cross has always been safe in the knowledge that humans ruled the earth. That was until he was introduced to the world of the undead.

After he spends the night with the sexiest woman he's ever seen, his world is about to rock on its axis. Now he must make a decision. Live and be king of the dead or...die.

Can someone from his past save him or will she be his eternal ruin?

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