Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review License to Thrill

License to Thrill
Rayne Bexley
Horny Devil Publishing

Josh never thought he would want to give up the bachelor life until he
took one look at Addie. Addie just opened the business next door and the moment
he sees her all thoughts of her ended up with her in his bed.
Addie just moved to the small little town and is a bit leery getting involved
with Josh. He is a few years younger. But when it comes to the matter of the heart
age is just a number.

LICENSE TO THRILL is the latest installment of Rayne Bexley's Main Street series. I loved the
fact that Addie was older was addressed but not made a big deal out of. The sexual chemistry
between Josh and Addie was hotter then the kiln that she uses for her pottery.

Rayne Bexley's Main Street series is one that I always look forward to the next installment and LICENSE TO THRILL is a good example why.

Josh Fitzgerald is a self-proclaimed happy bachelor who has no intentions of ever settling-down until he meets Addison Taylor, the potter from next door. She has just uprooted her life to move across the Long Island Sound to the quaint little seaside town she used to visit as a child. What is it about this rare beauty that draws Josh? Just like the vessel on her pottery wheel, is Josh capable of change?

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