Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: The 10 O'Clock Club by Edward Tailor

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The 10 O'Clock Club
by Edward Tailor
Horny Devil Publishing
Menage M/M/M/F

Luke is known affectionately by his friends as a man whore. While at his favorite bar he is approached by a hot woman and after a hot encounter in the men's room he finds out it was an interview or a prestigious law firm.

THE 10'O CLOCK CLUB makes you wonder where you can go for an interview. Luke gets the chance with different levels of management to prove that he is the one for the job. I personally hope that this is the beginning of a series from Edward Tailor.  The scenes are definitely one that may have you setting the air             conditioner as low as it can go.

Before reading Edward Tailor I have not read much in the way of guys who write erotic romance. Most that I have read have it seem like it is more for adult magazines geared to men. Now with the
latest release plus the others I have read for him have considering giving male erotic writers a chance.

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