Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden

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Wolf Fever
by Milly Taiden
Latina Goddess Press
Wolf Shifter

All I have to say really is Milly Taiden has another hot sexy wolf shifter ;)Need I say more? The minute that word gets out
that Ms Taiden has a new wolf shifter you should just go and get it. It really is a no brainer at this point.

When Raine Bowe answers the ad for a sleep study her life is irrevocably changed when she senses that there is something inside that she
has no  idea what it is. Thinking that the best thing for herself and people is to die. She seeks the one man she knows can help her Ryder

The minute Raine walks in his bar Ryder knows she is his mate. When she tells him what happens he vows to help her find the wacko scientist bent on bringing her back because he isn't quite finished with her yet.

WOLF FEVER is full of hot sexy scenes that may you rethink that wearing underwear while reading and has a heroine that is tougher then even some of the toughest alpha wolves.  When
you meet Ryder you think he is aptly named because you can understand why Raine would like to ride him up a storm.

Go and get your copy now!!!


The loud hammering of Raine’s heart drowned out the single word bouncing around her mind—and the dogs barking at her back. Their angry growls faded the faster she ran. A little further. Just a little more, and she’d be home free.
Trees swooshed past her with every step she took away from the small isolated facility. She ignored the hospital gown swinging against her legs and the blood dripping down her arms from the torn IVs. Barefoot, the rocks bit into the soles of her feet. None of that mattered. She had to survive. Her life depended on getting as far away from that place as possible.
Inhaling the comforting scent of mud, trees, and the wild, she barely heard the barking over the breeze rustling through the willows with each step she put between them. At any other time, she’d have dissected her reaction to the forest. Not now. And she didn’t stop. No way was she getting captured again without a fight.
Air beat in and out of her lungs in tandem with the pounding of her feet on the rocky ground. Moonlight filtered through the branches overhead, highlighting her path. Her hair caught on the tree limbs, snatching at the loose strands. Some of the hanging vines prodded her arms and stabbed her sides. Her breath hitched, and she missed a step, lurching forward. Something inside her tightened. Her arms swayed and her core muscles flexed. Before she face planted, everything balanced out. She blinked. More scared now than she’d ever been in her life. Something controlled her body and it had reflexes far superior to a normal human.

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