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Together in Cyn

Together in Cyn
by Jennifer Kacey



A small book sitting out on a table shouldn’t incite fear in anyone.

But what if that book was your diary and you learned your two best friends, men you have ached for your entire life, have just read every last word? Pages and pages filled with dark fantasies and forbidden dreams so explicit they leave nothing to the imagination.

And what if those two friends were included in every last one?

This is exactly where Cyn Andrews now finds herself.

Stuck somewhere between wanting to hate Jared and Chris Kennedy for violating her privacy and just plain wanting to be stuck somewhere between them. She could never choose only one brother, so she’s kept her feelings buried for more than a decade, and a past mistake has kept her silent and alone…until now.

Everything she’s ever wanted may have just been handed to her in the form of an invitation to The Library. Not just a building filled with books, but a members only BDSM club the brothers own and have kept hidden from her for years.

Is it pity or desire that fueled the invitation?

What other secrets have they been keeping from her?

Can she protect her heart and face her biggest fear while discovering the art of submitting to two Doms?

It’d be a sin not to find out…


“What do you mean suited to you? You need someone desperate to be with you, is that it?”

“No. We want someone to submit to us.”

All the air got sucked from the room. Submit. I’d heard the word and read about it for years. Had even experimented once a couple years back. Remembering the last night with Matt and his friend made me turn around and head for the door. Chris took several steps to stop me, but Jared caught his arm and held him back. I wanted something I had already failed at miserably and wasn’t willing to try again. Not with them. They were too important.

“We want you, Cyn. I want to see where this can go. All we’re asking for is a chance. I’m sorry I read your journal without your permission, but if I hadn’t, would you have ever told us you wanted us? Would you have ever flat out just said you wanted me? Be filled so completely you can’t think about anything the next day except what it was like to come so hard you lose consciousness?”

I stopped. Something in his voice made me turn when I was only a few steps away from escaping them and my humiliation. But I knew he was right. I never would have said a word. Their rejection…it would have been too much to bear, so I remained silent. Happy to be their friend, but always on the outside looking in.

                                                                 Why BDSM?

            I am utterly fascinated with BDSM. It’s dark and naughty and I think it takes sex to a whole new level. Instead of floating along during vanilla sex, your mind - sorta kinda involved, during BDSM sex every cell in your body is hyper-focused on the intense pleasure you’re giving or receiving.

            In my debut novel, Together in Cyn, I’d say 80% of the sex scenes are BDSM, ranging from slightly naughty to no holds barred I hope you need a fire extinguisher next to the book to put the flames out when you get to the last scene.

            For those who are new to “the scene” I’ll break BDSM down for you. This way it won’t be just a four letter word. J

            BD – Bondage and Discipline

            Ds – Dominance and submission

            SM – Sadism and Masochism

            Sweet romance is perfect for a lot of people, and I’m not knocking it. In my opinion any great sex between two (or more) consensual adults is awesome!!! Please note the multiple exclamation marks used! I am thankful every day - I live in the country I do, in the age of sexual awareness, and acknowledgement that everyone isn’t wired the same.

            The various kinks involved in BDSM are innumerable, and the acceptance of all different forms of kink is something which really drew me to this genre. It’s fascinating the number of fetishes out there and you are almost guaranteed if you’re into it, whatever IT is, then someone else out there will be, too.

            I started reading BDSM novels several years ago and that’s actually where I got my introduction to this genre. From moment one I was utterly captivated with the power exchange dynamic, between multiple partners specifically.

            When I decided to write Together in Cyn I put A LOT of research into it, most of it being online research. The town I live in is WAY too small to have a BDSM club, like the Library, so online and a few discrete visits to a much larger town make up my knowledge base to date.

            I had to learn and be able to incorporate the right verbiage for my characters. I also researched attire of both Doms/Dommes and subs. And a lot of equipment research, custom collar choices, restraint and bondage techniques… I could go on and even with all I’ve learned so far, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s out there.

            Plus, the technological age of blogging was supremely helpful. I currently follow multiple blogs from a Doms perspective and a submissives. Along with certain sites that cater to multiple partners, and the swinger lifestyle. I wanted to be able to get into my character’s heads and get the dynamic right.

            There are bookmarks on my laptop that would probably make porn stars blush. I am currently cultivating friendships in the BDSM world so I can “see” more for the next book in this series.

            Things that drew me to BDSM in no particular order.  Acceptance of what turns you on. Fetishes are nurtured and explored. Hetero, GLBT and ménage are all thumbs up as long as everyone participating is over 18 and consent to play.

            Something else I love about BDSM is you can have any level of play. A little bit just in the bedroom or boardroom. J Or a full-time D/s relationship where one person is “owned” by another. And everything in between.

            My favorite BDSM scene in the entire book is the last one. Interestingly I added it during edits. I was gonna play it safe, but thankfully realized I had to tell the story how it played in my head, or I wasn’t doing my characters or my muse any justice. I hope you love it! It’s the harshest one, the sexiest by far, and after you read it I hope you can picture it and feel phantom hands on your skin when you close your eyes.

            So now I’ve shown you a little about me, and I want to hear about you.

            What’s your kink? 

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I’m going to just jump right in and get the easy stuff out of the way up-front. I am a wife, mother and business owner in Texas with very long black hair and a penchant for high heels and pretty outrageous toe nail polish. I have a very supportive family that I love unconditionally and am fortunate enough to genuinely like and respect them as well.

I started reading romance back in college, liked it so-so, and then I found erotica. Stories a bit on the dark side, a lot on the naughty side, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it felt like coming home. Finding a genre made just for minds like mine was an amazing revelation, and I swear the characters in my head haven’t stopped hounding me since! 

Something I always love reading about other authors are the funny quirks and idiosyncrasies that make each of us unique, so I thought I’d share a few of mine. These are in no particular order and pretty random, so brace yourselves…

I am a morning person who doesn’t drink caffeine, and I am definitely a glass-half-full kind of girl. I have an extreme case of being left-hand stupid and am bad at all sports that end in “ball”!  Hot weather is my favorite because I'm cold all the time, and I adore lying in the sun. You’ll find a closed sign hanging off my forehead at 10 p.m. pretty much every night when my brain clocks out. What’s weird is I can write ‘til the wee hours of the morning though. Probably because the characters just shove me aside so they can say their piece.

Ooh, and I never procrastinate! If something needs to be done today, it should have been finished yesterday. I call this fantastic; several people, who shall remain nameless, call it having a bug up my A**… I think I’ll stick with fantastic.

I refuse to use a flat sheet to sleep, I love perfume but only one kind, and before I die I want to own flip-flops in every color of the rainbow. And last but not least, the yea or nay on a particular food being deemed good or gross is based off of texture first, taste second.

I hope my writing speaks for itself, and I hope it speaks to you.  The fact that I have the opportunity to share a little piece of myself with you absolutely floors me. On a daily basis I am overwhelmed by the good fortune that is my life, and vowed years ago never to take it for granted.

Best advice I’ve ever been given – find the real you and never settle for anything less!  Well guess what?  I found her!  Lord help the rest of you.

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  1. Hi Barb!!! Thanks thanks thanks for having me! Can't wait for everyone to get to read Cyn's story! Tell me what your favorite kink is (in real life or to read depending on how adventurous you are :)) to win my Lotta Naughty Gift Basket. Had the best freakin time shopping for all the naughty bits for it. You can see it here!!

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  4. My favorite stuff to read are menages with bdsm. I like them because it combines my two favorites together.

  5. Your books sounds great Jennifer! The title caught my eye since my name is sometimes shortened to Cyn. :)

    Good luck with your blog tour and wishes for lotsa sales!

  6. I'm going to take a chance and be adventurous. In all truth, I love watching a man masturbate - so very, very hot.

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  11. This book sound sooo good, can't wait to read it.
    Thanks, CJ

  12. I have the book :) Going to read it tomorrow :) Have a long trip on Greyhound and going to read it ;)

  13. Together in Cyn sounds good. I read almost any genre and started reading BDSM a couple of years ago. I have visited a dungeon and plan to again. I'm more a voyeur at this time but who knows what the future holds.

  14. book sounds awesome

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    Can't freakin' wait to hear what you think!!!!!!!

  17. She - two thumbs up for you being adventurous!! Voyeurism is awesome! You can learn a heck of a lot from watching. (Psst - don't tell anyone else I told you, but from personal experience get your toes wet - it's SOOOO much fun!!)

  18. Thanks Jennifer! I loved writing it, and hope it shows. :)

  19. Lena - I've ALWAYS wanted to own and operate a bar or club called The Library.
    "Honey, I'm going to The Library."
    Nothing strange about that right?!? :)

    I saw this as my chance to do it without having any overhead!!

  20. Interesting array of giveaway goodies. Thanks for generously offering the gifts to a lucky winner. Hope you have awesome success with this book. From the description, excerpt and comments it seems that you are on a great start.


  21. Books sounds like a fabulous read...Love the title!


  22. jennifer I think you were one of the biggest turnouts I have had here ;) You are more then welcome here anytime.

  23. Thanks CJ and Ashley! Everything's all new and shiny and I'm soaking up every minute of it. And my husband and son asked me on a date for my release day! SOOO sweet!!! Tuna steaks here we come!!

    Barb - thank you thank you thank you for having me! It's been super fun. :) And I will absolutely hit you up again. Probably pretty soon! I've got two more books coming out this year. :) :P :-}

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  26. Hi, Jennifer! Sorry to be popping by late! Kink? Well, I haven't explored too much in real life, but in terms of reading? I'm kind of fascinated by a lot of it! It's been pretty neat to read about BDSM (and that truly covers such a huge spectrum of activities!) and other kinks--it's a safe way to explore ;) Thanks for the neat post and the excerpt! Looking forward to picking up your new release!

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    Mindy :)

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  33. I am really looking forward to reading this book. As for my favorite Kink (books only, darn it), I do love BD and Ds (I wouldn't make a good masochistic even though I have a high tolerance for pain, I don't like it--probably because I live with it daily anyway). I do read pretty much all kinds of kink except for extreme things like degregation, body fluid exchange, etc).
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

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