Monday, June 3, 2013

The Reluctant Submissive by Rayne Bexley and Zoey Hill

The Reluctant Submissive
Rayne Bexley
Zoey Hill
Horny Devil Publishing

Vivian is a struggling actress auditioning for a role in a play when she encounters
Julian Maddox.  Julian is a powerful businessman who is used to getting what he wants and
now he wants Vivian. 

THE RELUCTANT SUBMISSIVE is co-authored by authors Rayne Bexley and Zoey Hill and makes me
wonder why they did not collaborate before. First thing I did after reading THE RELUCTANT SUBMISSIVE is to make sure there was going to be another. Vivian and Julian's story will
have readers riveted and anxious to read the next installment. I know I cannot wait to read
what happens next. The sexual chemistry explodes off the pages and may set off
your smoke detectors.  Vivian may be a submissive but that does not mean she is wimpy.
Julian is a Dom who is used to getting his way but that doesn't mean that Vivian is
going to make it easy. 

If you are like me and love spicy hot reads with some BDSM then go and purchase THE RELUCTANT SUBMISSIVE NOW!!! :) 

“Why me?” He heard her ask tentatively?
He looked at her with a serious, but gentle look. “Because you are an unknown. You have something that calls to me. You are, for lack of a better word…perfect. And whether you know it or not, you are submissive. And that is exactly the quality that makes you something more—stronger…and perfect.” His hand rested on her thigh, his finger lightly brushing her skin where the skirt she wore had ridden up, exposing her milky-white thigh. “You are an angel sent to fill the dream that I have dreamed my whole life. I have watched you. I know you probably better than you do. I know what you need. I know what you want; your desires, fears. I am the one to fill those needs, ease the fears. I am what you need, Vivian.”

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