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Review: Together in Cyn by Jennifer Kacey

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Together in Cyn
by Jennifer Kacey
Ellora's Cave
MFM Menage

Cynthia has always wanted fraternal twins Jared and Chris and even wrote about her feelings in her
diary. When  Jared and Chris accidentally read her diary they find the opportunity that they have
been waiting for to make her theirs.  But Cyn has secrets and until she trusts them then they
can never truly be together.

TOGETHER IN CYN by Jennifer Kacey is hot, sexy and an emotional read that readers cannot help but turn each page eagerly to see what happens next. I am normally not a fan of first person
 point of view but with books like TOGETHER IN CYN I can certainly make the exception. Not only is TOGETHER IN CYN  a menage but it also has BDSM and the reader almost feels like they are feeling what Cyn is at times that you just may feel the need to head for the North Pole and cool off.

TOGETHER IN CYN is also an emotional read as you find out not only about Cyn's past but Chris' and it will alternate between reaching for a tissue or wanting to bash someone's head in.

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Together in Cyn (unedited excerpt)
Chapter 1 -

 “So Cyn why aren’t you fucking anybody?”

 That was the question that sent my mouthful of beer down the wrong pipe. I sputtered and coughed my way through it, nearly knocking over the glass as I got it under control. The beer anyways.

 “Where in the hell did that come from?” I asked as I reached for the heart necklace lying against my chest.  Jared Kennedy, one of my best friends, glanced at it and then back to my face with a knowing smirk.

 “Oh come on. Is it that there isn’t anybody that creams your Twinkie at the moment or do you not like sex in general? We want to know. So don’t be shy, just answer the question.”

 The other half of the we he referred to was his fraternal twin Chris, who stood across an empty dance floor and behind a bar thirty feet away. I started working the heart pendant back and forth on the chain as I turned back to Jared.

Jared leaned back in his chair with arms crossed over his broad chest and an expectant smile, apparently getting comfortable enough to wait me out. They had always done that. Known just the right face to make and I would answer anything. They acted broody or looked impatient and I wanted nothing but to make them happy. Pathetic is a huge understatement for what I am when it comes to these two.

 It was Saturday night at CJ’s, and it was rare to have Chris restocking the bar after they’d closed and locked the door. Normally it was just Jared and I on weekends cleaning up after they closed. Chris tended the bar on week nights so it was great to get to see them both. I helped out part time when they needed it, plus I had nothing better to do on a Saturday night even after working all day at a local gym. The three of us had been close for years but this line of questioning was odd even for them.

 “I like sex just fine J. As much as anybody does I guess. Whether I like it as much as you and Chris, I don’t know. Your appetites have always run on the high side from all the gossip mongers around town.” I squirmed in my chair. I admit it. One of my best friends was asking me if I liked sex, and all I could think was that up to this point, not really. All sexual encounters I’d had up to date had been lack luster all the way down to disastrous. Most guys you’re sleeping with really don’t appreciate being called another guy’s name, or two guys’ name’s, when you’re getting off. It’s a real deal breaker apparently. Just ask me, I should know.

 “Then if you like sex, why aren’t you having any?”

 I’m very glad my beer was well out of reach at this point or I would have choked on it again.

 “Not that it is any of your business, but who’s to say I’m not having sex every night, and twice on Sundays?”

 I cocked an eyebrow in his direction with a little bit of sultry thrown in too, with what I hoped was a sassy twist of my lips. That sass faded into scared rabbit when he gave me that look again. He’d been giving me that look all night long. It was a look I’d seen for years, and hated because it was never directed towards me in the past. It was Jared on the make. Now that it was, I was a little bit thrilled and a whole lot terrified.

 Thick lashes were half hooded over the most gorgeous blue eyes ever created and tanned skin pulled tight over a tall muscled frame many a female resident of our fair city of Arcadia had fantasized over. Then, right at the height of my ogling, he reached one of his strong hands up and ran long thick fingers through his blond sun streaked hair.  It wasn’t too long, or too short like from his military days. It was just long enough to hold onto for one nice long ride.

 I pulled my eyes away as his hair fell back into place and he leaned forward onto the table to reach for his beer. He ran his fingers across my arm on the way, and it was all I could do to suppress the shiver trying to work its way up my forearm.

 We had been coming to this bar for years I thought as I looked around at anything but Jared or Chris. We came here the first time on my 21st birthday and the place just grew on us. The parking lot was huge and normally packed like it had been earlier in the evening.  Liquor shelves cascaded up behind the dimly lit bar and neon beer signs lighted the wall above as well as the now empty dance floor. The exposed ceiling highlighted the wood details which were throughout the building and the front wall of windows attracted more than a few passersby most nights. A dozen tables ringed the open space in the middle, and there were a few off in more hidden corners like the one we now sat at before heading home.

Before the brothers up and joined the Marine’s less than a week after they turned eighteen, the three of us had been inseparable. We went to school together and they always treated me like a sister or one of their damn buddies. We remained close when they were away and they always crashed at the townhouse next door to me when they were on leave instead of staying at their parents’ house. I tried everything over the years to get them to notice me, but nothing seemed to work. I was too skinny, with not enough boobs or ass apparently to notice. So I had been firmly placed in the friend category. Yippee…Not!

 Seven years after the first time we stepped through those doors the guys now owned it. Three years ago when the guys finished their tours and came home their parents unexpectantly gave them their inheritance.

Rewarding them for their service or giving them a hefty nest egg to start their civilian lives had seemed very out of character for their parents. They were part of the rich upper crust of our town and never seemed to really care about the guys either way from what I could see. They had no time for children, so giving the guys their inheritance early while they were still young enough to use it and make something of themselves had been one of the only decent things I’d ever seen them do.

 Chris and Jared decided to take some of the money and invest it in our small town instead of moving away to someplace bigger and better. What they did with the rest of the money was still a mystery they’d never told me. Or why their parents sold their house and moved to New York before the guys even returned home. They obviously kept me in the dark about some things yet when they wanted questions answered I was supposed to be at their beck and call with the 411 on my life, and sex life or lack thereof.

  My mouth went dry and mortification crept in when I registered what Jared just said while I was day dreaming.

 “You’ve heard what the past few nights?” I asked as I reached for my necklace again.

 “The high pitched whirl of a vibrator Cyn. I’ve heard it every night coming from your bedroom and I know it’s you. We don’t think that really counts as sex because you’re flying solo. So I wondered why you aren’t involved with someone other than your purple boyfriend. And why you’ve all of a sudden taken up to jilling so often. Any particular reason?”

He leaned back in his chair again after finishing his beer, and my gaze drifted down to his lap. An impressive hard on was displayed behind the faded jeans he normally wore at the bar.

 “You’ve heard me…masturbating?” I snapped my gaze back up to his face and then over to Chris who was standing behind the bar drying a glass. He was staring straight at me. He was just as tantalizing as his brother but he was the opposite in coloring. Darker in every way. Brown hair a bit shorter, and chocolate brown eyes that a girl could drown in. His eyes held secrets I’d always been afraid to uncover. Tonight was different though. He looked hungry.

He was too far away to hear what we were discussing since music still played through the sound system.  But he knew. He knew!

 Here I sat in their too warm bar with my hair pulled back in a careless pony tail, and both men that headlined in every single one of my fantasies stared back at me. And they not only knew I was masturbating, but how often I was doing it. “How can you hear me?” I whispered as I closed my eyes wishing I was anywhere but here.

 “My bedroom is right on the other side of your wall.” I lived in one townhouse and Jared and Chris lived in the adjacent one even though I knew they could afford a much bigger place. We had mirror imaging floor plans but how in the world had I never known how thin the walls were. “I can hear everything. I can hear you sing while you vacuum. I can hear your TV when you fall asleep with it on. I can even hear you talk in your sleep.”

 Mortified. I was truly and utterly mortified. “Oh my God, you can hear me…”

 I looked over at Chris again where he was still watching me. He tossed the towel over his shoulder and carried a half empty box of supplies into the back.

 A few moments passed and Jared finally said, “Blondie.”

 I whipped my head around so fast I think I got whiplash. A broad grin greeted me when I looked up into his face again and he flashed me his most charming smile. “Did you really just call me that? You know I hate it!” They had nicknamed me that when I was twelve and it had forever made me feel like my IQ was about as big as my shoe size.

 He shrugged his broad shoulders, seemingly oblivious to my ire. After trailing his eyes down my body and back up, the twinkle of amusement changed to something heated. “Oh yeah I know, baby,” he leaned close again and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “But I’ve been trying to get a rise out of you all night long.”

 I snorted. “You definitely got my attention when you outed yourself as a voyeur, J. “

 “Cyn, a voyeur is someone that gets their rocks off just by watching, and we want to do a hell of lot more than watch. So why don’t you tell me why you’ve nearly worn through the chain on your necklace from messing with it tonight, and chewing on lips that are much better suited to…other things.” He ran his thumb across my lower lip to emphasize the point, and my mouth opened without my permission so I could lick him all over starting with that finger.

 Because I’m in love with you, and your twin. Have been for almost a decade. I’ve got a journal at home filled with what I want you to do to me and I know I’ll never be brave enough to show it to you. Plus I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk for two days. Then I want you to tie me up, blindfold me, and do it all again until I have no voice left from screaming out my orgasms for you.

“No reason!” I squeaked as I pulled my head away. “Hey, I’m thirsty. You thirsty?  You want another beer before you close up?” Without waiting for an answer I was already out of my chair, stepping away from our table in the back corner.

“You still have half a beer on the table Cyn.” Yeah I heard him, but completely ignored the obvious statement and continued making my way across the empty dance floor. The entire way I didn’t have to turn around to feel Jared’s gaze on me. It heated my insides and made me want to pant and beg. I was so damn close to begging. Not oh please Jared, but for the love of all that is holy Sir take me and make me yours and then let me pleasure your brother too.

 This was really bad. After years of trying to get their attention and failing, and years of trying to get over them and failing even worse, I had finally given up hope. Made a pact with myself to really try to date and find someone I wanted to be with. That idea was now being flushed down the proverbial dating toilet since Jared had to act all interested and charming and gorgeous, and oh Lord I was so sunk.

 I realized just how warm I was as I leaned over the bar and put my head in my hand. I only had on my blue tank top and yoga pants to combat the Kansas heat in the middle of summer. Hell, I hadn’t even put panties on this evening, since I’d treated myself to a waxing at the spa this afternoon before coming to the bar. Now as I propped myself up against the smooth lacquered wood in front of me I wished I’d worn Kevlar. I felt naked in more ways than one...


  1. Yea Barb! I'm so glad you liked it!!! Hope you like the rest of the series just as much. :)

  2. Congrats Jenn on an awesome review!

  3. I'm totally with you on the 1st person, but it was sooooo well done, I didn't mind at all.