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Review: Running Hot by Megan Slayer

Running Hot (Track Domination Series, Book Two) by Megan Slayer
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Running Hot
Track Domination Series
Megan Slayer
Resplendence Publishing

RUNNING HOT is the latest installment of one of my favorite series by Megan Slayer
so far. Collin has been involved in past relationships one in which includes a daughter from a previous marriage. His daughter has a life of her own and I loved that she was totally supportive of her fathers' relationships.
Sam is in charge of the crew and has always called Collin Sir because the submissive in
him recognizes the Dom in Collin. He has always been attracted to Collin but never thought those feelings would be returned.
RUNNING HOT is a twist on the classic older lover/younger lover both who happen to be guys. I fell for both Collin and Sam and know readers will too. I myself cannot wait for the next one and know I will be re-reading this in the future.
The love scenes between Sam and Collin will have you running for the showers, icy cold showers but the scenes where they connect emotionally will have you wrapped around their fingers.
Go and get your copy of RUNNING HOT today.
“Just once I’d like one of our engines to run right on the first firing. Jesus.” Sam Richmond pounded his hand on the fender of the race truck. He glanced over the non-working piece of machinery. Nothing looked out of place, but what the hell did he know? He’d only been the crew chief of the seventy-two truck for three weeks and head mechanic for the past four years with Flash Racing. He prided himself on producing trucks ready to hit the track at a moment’s notice. Except today. The backup truck wasn’t right.


“Chill out, Sam.” Adam, his fellow crew chief, gripped Sam’s shoulder. “Did you reuse an engine?”

Sam shook his head. “No. The last time we did that, the cam shaft busted during practice. Remember the fiasco at Kentucky?”

“Hard to forget Ethan smashing our main truck before we qualified. He managed to trash the backup truck midway through the race. Yeah, not good.” Adam sighed. “Well, either the factory sent you bent pushrods or the engine is off sync.” He wiped his hands on a shop rag. “I’m thinking it’s a bad part. I had the same issue on Will’s truck. Sucked.”

A factory defect made sense. Sam rolled his shoulders. “Thanks, Adam.” He snorted. Once Adam and Will had sorted out their issues, they’d become the team to beat on track. Then the accident had happened. “How’s Will holding up?”

“Driving me nuts wanting to get back into the truck. He’s cleared to race, but Collin and I decided waiting wasn’t such a bad idea.” Adam folded his arms and widened his stance. “He’ll be ready for Iowa this weekend. Your boy worked out in the meantime, but you’d better put your foot up his ass. Someone should. He’s got a real ego on him.”

“He does think he knows everything about everything, even if he’s green and so wet behind the ears he’s still in the fucking pool.” The tension between them eased, and Sam sank down on the nearest stool. “I’ll get him worked out—or rather, Corey will. I hate to say it, but once Ethan gets out there a little more and gets knocked around, he’ll earn respect and settle down. Corey has the temperament to deal with him. I’d rather build solid race trucks.”

“You did a good job with him, but I see why everyone got moved. He and Corey will work better together, and yeah, I missed having trucks you personally prepared.” Adam slid his beeping phone from his pocket. His brow knotted. “Damn, man, it’s after midnight. No wonder Will wanted to know where I’m at. Go home. Get some rest. The truck will still be here tomorrow, and I guarantee Collin won’t fire you. He might rough you up a bit, but something tells me you’d like it.” He winked then shoved the phone in his pocket. “I’m outta here. Later.”

Sam wanted to growl at Adam for his comment. He wanted to, but instead, he kept his mouth shut. He’d been told once before that a submissive could spot another sub a mile away. Truth? He wasn’t sure, but Sam would never tell Adam he was right. Part of him wanted Collin Marshall to notice him as more than a worker, more than a mechanic. But then what? The no inter-office dating had sort of blown out the window the moment Will and Adam had collided. At least, they’d gotten married. What had he done? Nothing more than pined over his boss, the one man totally disinterested in him.

Fan-fucking-tastic. Sam tossed his rag onto the workbench then rubbed the back of his neck. A knot of tension had built between his shoulder blades. A massage would be nice, but a round or two with a Dom would be better. But he didn’t trust the clubs in town—not when anyone could figure out what he did for a living and potentially use his kinks against him. Would Collin care? Probably not, but he refused to find out what would happen. Screw it. He’d go home like he did most nights and whack off.

Footsteps thumped on the concrete floor behind him. Sam swiveled on the stool, ready to tell Adam to get the fuck home. Instead, his breath wrenched from his chest. Collin grinned and strode toward him.

“Working late again? Another fucked up part?” Collin rested his hands on his hips. “I’ve got to call the manufacturer. This is bullshit.”

Sam nodded. He heard Collin’s every word, but the man blew him away. Most owners didn’t exude the same power as Collin. From his salon haircut to the couture scuffs on his loafers, the guy’s look screamed money and attention to fashion. In the five years Sam had known Collin, other men had gone completely gray or bald. Not Collin. The same perfect amount of salt and pepper colored his dark-brown hair. The shirt he wore, a button down with the sleeves rolled up, accentuated the muscles in his chest and the fact Collin worked out. Sam suppressed a groan. He shouldn’t be checking out his boss. Shouldn’t be interested in the way his khaki pants clung to his lanky frame or wonder how it would feel to run his fingers through Collin’s hair.

“Are you okay?” Collin waved his hand in front of Sam’s face. “You look like you’re miles away.”

A stiff, late-June breeze swirled past the open door in the garage and chilled the sweat on the back of Sam’s neck. “I’m good—just tired and stressed. I’ve got to disassemble this engine, but Adam’s right. The pushrod broke and tore up a bunch of shit. Second one for our team. Add in the one that busted for Adam and, yeah, this shipment is fucked.”

Collin nodded then dipped his head. “Quality isn’t always what it should be.” He kept his head down and fiddled with his watch. “Shit. It’s almost one in the morning.”

“Will be soon, Sir.” Sam bit back a groan. He’d never put his finger on why, other than manners, but he instinctively referred to Collin as Sir. “How’s Gary these days? I haven’t seen him around the shop. He probably wants you to get home.” Talking about Collin’s boyfriend made Sam’s stomach sour. Gary Yates acted as if he owned the shop, not Collin, and insisted the employees treat him as their boss. He acted like a condescending ass, too. As far as Sam was concerned, Gary could take a long walk…possibly out of state and never come back.

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