Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review: Redeemed by Indigo Sin

redeemedReview: Redeemed
by Indigo Sin
Horny Devil Publishing

It has been a couple months since Colton told Hadley that he finally got divorced from his ex. But he has some redeeming to do to get Hadley to forgive him and come back to him.
Hadley has never been so hurt in her entire life. After having her heart broken she tries to move on but she cannot stop thinking about Colton.  
It may have been a few months since Broken but I felt like I had been waiting a lot longer for  REDEEMED.  I had to find out how Colton and Hadley were going to find their way back to each other.
 Loved that Hadley did not cave in quickly no matter how much her heart wanted her to she just couldn't get past that he lied to her for months.  The love scenes between them are hot but the conflict that Hadley went through was enough to make you want to share a pint of ice cream with her.
In the past few months Indigo Sin has become one of those authors that goes to the top of my tbr pile the minute I get her book. If you have not read her yet I suggest you fix that and go order her books now.

Redhead purred as her hand wandered again, but this time he caught her wrist, shaking his head.  “Not interested, Doll.  Go find someone else to molest,” he drawled, hoping it was the last time he’d have to tell her.
That earned him a shitty look and an un-ladylike snort, but she slid from the stool, and stomped away.  Thank God for small miracles.
As he swirled the liquid in the glass, ice clinking against the sides, the door opened to admit a new patron, but he was beyond caring.  The more he drank, the better he felt, and after a while he had forgotten what he was there to forget anyway, so his plan was working out swimmingly.  Knocking back the rest of his drink, Brad, the bartender, gave him that look that said he’d had enough.  Fuck that.
“Need a refill, Brad,” Colton demanded, belching as he pushed the glass toward the man.
Brad sighed, but put the bottle to the glass anyway.  “Last one, Colt, and then I’m calling you a ride.”
Colton gave him an un-amused look, waving his hand through the air.  “What the fuck ever, MOM.”
Brad narrowed his eyes as he finished pouring and set the bottle back on the bar, before crossing his arms like he had something to say.  Oh great, here it comes…the speech.  He had known Brad since they were boys.  They grew up on the same street, chased the same girls, and raised more than a little hell together.  The look on Brad’s face said that he knew exactly what the issue was, but Colton was in no mood to discuss it.
Colton put his hand out as Brad opened his mouth to speak.  “Don’t go there, Brad.  I don’t want to discuss it.”  His speech slurred the slightest bit at the end and he cleared his throat in an attempt to cover it.  Fuck, discuss was hard to say after half a bottle of Jack, that was for sure.  Brad flipped him the bird as he made his way back across the bar to do…whatever shit it was that bartenders did, and Colton’s head found its way back into his hands.
Colton swung his gaze over the room once more, trying to stay on his stool when the room spun slightly.  Mister loner in the corner had a woman with him now.  They looked to be having a good conversation.  Whatever, good luck, buddy.  Rubbing at his eyes with both hands, he stopped dead still when a soft feminine laugh drifted across the bar.  He knew that laugh.

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