Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Greyhound Adventure on the way to Cincinnati

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color

I had a great time at the Annual Readers Author Get Together in West Chester Ohio.  I did not get to go last year because I moved but made up for it this year.  Getting to the event though was enough to have me make sure that I didn't need another box of Garnier Hair Color.
It started off innocently enough. My brother in law took me to the Greyhound bus station
where my bus left at 11:30 am.This was my itinerary:
Location Arriving Departing Carrier Schedule
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK   05Jun13 11:30AM GLI 1342

ST LOUIS, MO 05Jun13 10:15PM      

ST LOUIS, MO   05Jun13 11:15PM GLI 1679

INDIANAPOLIS, IN 06Jun13 04:25AM      

INDIANAPOLIS, IN   06Jun13 08:05AM GLI 4501

CINCINNATI, OH 06Jun13 10:05AM

Now if you have ever ridden Greyhound you know they make stops to unload/load more passengers and let us take a bathroom/meal break.
First stop after leaving Oklahoma City was Tulsa. Tulsa was supposed to be a 20 minute layover. The layover was instead almost 3 hours. I thought that the bus had broken down and that we were waiting on another. Instead I found out through another passenger who spoke with the driver who admitted they were waiting on another bus so that they can condense the two buses into one.

Because of this I missed my connection in St Louis. Had to go to the ticket counter and get reissued a new ticket.  Now instead of arriving at 10:05am I was scheduled now to arrive in Cincinnati at 730pm.
During this time I had been posting my adventures on facebook and twitter. Gotta love social media (I know I do) when I started getting messages from a few people who said that they would come and get me in Indianapolis where I had a 2 hour layover.  I swear I heard sounds of the calvery in my head.
The lovely Kaleen Cooper who lived about an hour and a half away said she would get me. But I also had gotten an email from Mary McCoy who said her sister in law would come and get me as well.
So I grabbed my suitcase off the bus and waited on Kaleen. :) We arrived at the hotel where after checking in I immediately headed for the shower.

I used to be a great believer in Greyhound. I used to take them all the time when I traveled from Detroit to Cincinnati without any problems. Now seriously rethinking them. While waiting at the ticket counter for my reticket I felt bad for the guy ahead of me who was trying to get a ticket back home (ironically Detroit) for his daughters graduation. Which because of the delay he would miss. Then on the way home spoke with a woman who was stuck in Cincinnati after a driver took the ticket she needed for the transfer to another bus. She had to fight with them to get her another ticket. They initially wanted to make her pay for another ticket but she refused. She demanded that they look into their computer to verify (why they wouldn't do this in the beginning makes me wonder) that the ticket she had was paid for. They didn't even make the attempt to look into the computer until she threatened to call the police.

I am definitely going back to Cincinnat next year but will be flying or even explore Amtrak next time.


  1. Sounds like an adventure.
    I've had a few bus adventures myself.
    I once saw a ghost on a bus.
    I told you that story, right?

  2. Barb, somehow this story just gets funnier every time I read it.
    I haven't gone on any bus trips in years, but damn if this doesn't make me glad. lol

  3. Cyn I haven't heard about your ghost on the bus

  4. Ha Ha! Wasn't me! Cackle! Ducking! LOL

  5. Sorry it was such an adventure, but thrilled that you made it this year!!! Kathy