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Masochists Dream

Masochist's Choice (Sun, Sea and Submission Series, Book Five) by Kim Dare
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Masochists Choice
A Sun Sea Submission Story
Kim Dare
Resplendence Publishing
Masochists Choice
A Sun Sea Submission Story
Kim Dare
Resplendence Publishing

When friends Todd and Ash see an ad for the hotel where they work and decide to apply. The position? Masochists wanted. The problem? Ash doesn't have any real masochist tendencies but wants to do it for the money, but Ash doesn't think that Todd can handle being a masochist.
Friends into lovers is one of my favorite themes and MASOCHISTS CHOICE by Kim Dare has that and much more because it is also a BDSM.  Todd has always had feelings for Ash and has a hard time keeping his feelings to himself. When they apply for the position it makes Ash examine how he really feels for Todd. The sexual chemistry is explosive and will have readers
looking for a trip to the North Pole nudist colony.  I loved the way Kim Dare had me wanting to yell at the screen telling them not to stop fighting the attraction.
If you are a fan of male/male romance like myself and BDSM then you definitely should go and purchase your copy today.

“I’m going for it.”

Todd Falder glanced up from a copy of the Pendragon Bay Hotel staff newsletter just in time to see his friend stride across the break room toward him. “Going for what?”

Ash snatched the bright blue page out of Todd’s hand and turned it over. He pointed to an advert on the back of the page, right at the top of the In House Staff Recruitment section.

The ad’s heading alone was enough to made Todd’s cock perk up and pay attention. He leaned forward in his chair and placed his elbows on the table as he read it again.

Masochist Wanted.

As hot as the idea was, the idea of Ash applying for it was obviously ridiculous. “Since when do you consider yourself a masochist?” Todd asked, not even trying to hide his skepticism.

“Keep reading,” Ash ordered.

Todd sighed. He’d be the first guy to admit he was no expert on what went on in the kinkier parts of the hotel, but that didn’t change the fact that Ash was nothing like any masochist Todd had ever met.

No, Ash was far more like the doms who doled out the punishments than the men who accepted them. Todd shook his head slightly and pushed aside all thought of Ash punishing anyone before he made an idiot out of himself.

“Well?” Ash demanded.

Todd sighed and turned his attention obediently back to the advert.

“A position has become available as an assistant to Mr. Fulton Hollingsworth,” he read.

An image rushed to the forefront of Todd’s mind, of the new dominant who’d just joined the staff at Pendragon Bay. The rumor mill had been working overtime on the guy. If even half the gossip was true, the man was liable to scare the hell out of anyone who didn’t have liquid leather running through his veins.

Todd cleared his throat and continued. “The successful applicant will be physically fit, and willing to obey orders quickly and efficiently. The post involves participation in live demonstrations and submitting to varying levels of pain, the administration of which will depend upon the topics covered in individual master classes provided for hotel guests.” Todd looked up at his friend. “You don’t really mean to—”

“Keep reading.”

Todd reluctantly dropped his attention back to the newsletter and found his place. “No experience necessary. Full training will be given. However, a man with a natural tendency toward both masochism and exhibitionism will find himself at an advantage. The application process involves both interviews and participation in practical activities that will allow men to demonstrate their suitability for the role.

“The post carries a wage of two hundred and fifty pounds per event, with up to three events taking place each week.” Todd set the newsletter down on the table. “Bloody hell.”

“I know.” Ash pulled out the chair opposite Todd and straddled the hard pine seat. “With money like that, I’ll be riding the best bike you’ve ever seen within a—”

Todd gawped at him in a mixture of confusion and horror. “You can’t be serious.”

Ash frowned and picked up the copy of the newsletter. “Why not?”

“Because…” There were so many reasons to choose from, Todd didn’t know where to start. “Because you don’t fit the criteria,” he finally said.

Ash scowled at the advert as if he really didn’t see what the problem could be.

“You’re not a masochist,” Todd rephrased.

“It doesn’t say you have to be one, just that it’ll be easier on you if you are. Anyway, I fit the exhibitionist thing well enough. It will be fine.”

For once, Todd refused to let his mind linger on the mental image of a naked Ash. If Ash was the one getting whipped rather than the one doing the whipping, it would defeat the entire point of the fantasy!

“Ash, you can’t,” Todd said.

Ash glared across the table at Todd, a mutinous look on his face. “For seven hundred and fifty quid a week, there’s not much I won’t do.”

Todd managed to keep his expression blank, but damn, he wished he’d known that before. He’d have started saving up the day they met. There was a whole list of things he’d happily pay Ash to do if it really was that easy to buy his services by the hour.

As their eyes met across the table, Todd sighed and pushed his hand through his hair. He knew that look. If there had ever been a time when he might have been able to talk some sense into his friend, it had passed. He’d made up his mind, his stubborn streak had kicked in, and the cause was already lost.

“So…maybe you’re right,” Todd lied. He studied his friend for a few seconds before he found the courage to go on. “Yeah. Okay, I’ll go for it too. I mean, I’m just as broke as you are and—”

Ash’s laughter drowned out whatever else Todd had intended to say.

Todd blinked at him. “What?”

“Yeah, that’s a good one,” Ash said with a grin.

Every muscle in Todd’s body tensed. His skin went cold. “I wasn’t joking.”

Their gazes locked. Suddenly, Ash was all seriousness. “No.”

Todd waited for more, but that seemed to be it. No explanation, just no. “Why not?” he finally prompted.

“Because I’ve never met any man more vanilla than you are! This guy, Hollingsworth, he’d eat you alive and spit out the damn bones.”

Todd opened and closed his mouth a few times, caught between curiosity at what kind of kinky things Ash had done to earn himself the distinction of not being considered equally vanilla and anger at being so casually dismissed by the one man he’d spent so many months fantasizing about getting kinky with.

“And you know I’m vanilla how exactly?” Todd eventually managed to stutter out.

“It’s obvious.” Ash turned the newsletter over and started to read the general news items on the front side.

Todd sat in perfect silence, grinding together his back teeth as anger built up within him and pushed aside any curiosity about Ash’s possibly kinky history.

Yes, Ash was out of his league hot—Todd knew that. His friend had a blond biker thing going on, with the jacket, the boots and the attitude to match. The effect was only marginally spoiled by the fact he’d yet to save up enough to get a bike.

So, if Ash didn’t want to screw him, Todd could live with that. Hell, over the last six months he’d even learned to live with the fact that it had seemingly never occurred to Ash that his best friend might also be considered as a possible sexual partner.

But, being dismissed like this…

Todd took another copy of the newsletter from the pile on the shelf alongside the table and quickly sought the advert.

Interviews to be held on Tuesday 14th in demonstration hall one.

Todd took a deep breath. It was obviously time for Ash to realize that he didn’t have a clue which of them really was vanilla to the bone.

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