Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Hero's Pride by April Angel

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A Hero's Pride
April Angel
Latin Goddess Press

If this is what the result is in getting set up for a blind date then sign me up. Kayla has never gone on a blind date but her birthday is approaching and she wants a prince not a frog.
Ryan is still recuperating after losing part of his leg in the war in Afghanistan and has
lost interest in datng and his libido seems to have left him. Hoping this blind date
will help spark his libido he lets his friend set him up.
I love April Angel's books and it seemed like forever since her last one came out. I know it really hasn't been but when you are hooked on an author then a book a week doesn't even seem enough.
A HERO'S PRIDE is a warm feel good story. Yes it has the hot sexy scenes that fans like
myself have come to expect but Kayla and Ryan's story will strike a cord with readers
hearts as well.
Go get your copy today.


Book Description

June 1, 2013
Kayla Santomas has never been on a blind date. Ever. One bad marriage and way too many useless relationships have convinced her to allow her best friend to set her up. Tired of dating frogs, she decides she wants dinner with a nice guy as a birthday present to herself. Who knows? He might not be so bad.

After losing part of his leg in Afghanistan, Ryan Mitchell lost interest in dating and even worse, the urge to get aroused. He finally gives into his badgering family and decides to go back into the dating world. What better way to do it than to allow his brother and friend to set him up? According to them, he needs the extra help.

Sparks fly between Kayla and Ryan. Each quickly realizes that they want more time with the other. Hours rush past them in a blur. But when Ryan says something that Kayla misinterprets, will this be the end of a great night? Ryan will have to forget his pride and say what's inside in order to keep her.

Reader Warning: This is a super sexy short that contains: A stubborn war hero, a mouthy Latina, and some incredibly sizzling loving. Your e-reader might need some cooling.

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