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Exile Muffi Beyer Scavenger

Title: Exile
Genre: Fantasy romance
Flame rating: Warm

Released: April 2013
Publisher: indie author/self pubbed
Word count: 182k

 Anya Richards, best selling author

Reeling from the loss of her son and her ex’s indifference, Rachel a successful film director, heads to Ireland to shoot her next project. Once there, she’s plagued with vivid dreams and a gnawing sense of déjà vu. But Rachel’s tough exterior really begins to crumble when she spots a statue in the town square and is shocked to realize it’s the exact replica of the man who has haunted her dreams for months—a handsome stranger for whom she feels a deep and mysterious attraction…
Will Rachel choose love even at the expense of her own sanity? Or is her love for the man of her dreams more real than anything here on earth…?


I take another step closer to the edge.One foot away.The wet spray of the waves floating up toward me.One more step. Six inches away.The ground feels fragile beneath my boots, likely to give away in a moment’s notice.
“Rachel,” Naomi is now truly concerned.Thom holds out his hand. “C’mon.You made you point.”
“Look,” I say, a strange laugh bubbling up.“It’s easy.Freakin’ piece of cake.”
Without thinking, I begin to run up and down along the edge, acting out the scene as the crew draws a collective gasp.
It feels good to be tempting fate. The feeling of being reckless acts as a quick fix, an unexpected antidote to all the sadness, the guilt, the endless days and nights I’d endured since Jason’s death… since maybe long before that too.
Thom suddenly makes a lunge for me. I instinctively twist away from him. One foot slips off the edge, the loose dirt crumbling beneath me. Thom releases me, afraid to throw me further off balance. I right myself, my heart knocking hard against my shirt. The nervous laughter escapes my lips.
“That was a close one.”
Thom looks both incredibly frightened and incredibly angry. “This is fucking nuts, Rachel.”
I realize something. It’s hard to tell why I know this, but I’ve never been more certain of anything. Thom will not save me. He couldn’t. He never could have. I hate him for it. Moreover, I hate myself for ever loving him, even in the brief, shallow way I had.
“What’s the matter, Thom? Afraid of life on the edge,” I laugh at my not-funny joke.
Thom holds my stare for a single beat then, without warning, grabs for me. His hands scramble to gain a hold around my waist, but only knock me off balance.
I pitch backward and go flying off the cliff.

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Muffi Beyer grew up on the beaches of Malibu and has spent her career writing for Hollywood.  Her credits include Days of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, Nash Bridges, Doc, Sue Thomas FBeye, and My Friends Tiger and Pooh.  She has also produced several reality shows including The Real World, Road Rules, and Project Runway Allstars. She currently spends her days writing her next paranormal trilogy, hanging with her kids and husband, walking her overweight Italian Greyhound, and recording her dreams for future projects. This is her first novel.

“Exile is a deeply romantic psychological thriller that will take you on a roller coaster exploration of grief, logic, and the transcendental nature of love…”
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