Saturday, April 13, 2013

Review: You Only Love Twice by Rayne Baxley

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You Only Love Twice
Rayne Baxley
Horny Devil Publishing

Nathan is one of the good guys.  After serving time in the Marines he and his siblings take over the
bar that was owned by his grandparents. He has dated plenty but there is only one person who he could never forget Paige.
Paige and Nathan had gone to high school together but even though he noticed her she never did. Now that she has split with her cheating ex Nathan has a chance to finally be with the woman he
has always wanted.
YOU ONLY LOVE TWICE is a contemporary romance that readers will simply love. The chemistry between Nathan and Paige sizzles the minute they lay eyes on each other. Rayne Baxley
creates likeable characters that if you were to meet them in person that you would like to hang out with or go out to dinner.  My only wish is that this was longer.
YOU ONLY LOVE TWICE is the first in the Main Street series and as far as I am concerned the next one can't come out fast enough.

Book Description

 April 7, 2013
After eight years of service, Marine, Nathan Fitzgerald returns home to help run his Grandfather's bar. Bachelor life has its benefits when faced with the girl who barely noticed him in high school.

Newly single, Paige Fallen, has a new lease on life; to live it to the fullest, no regrets.

When a startling incident forces the pair together, Nathan’s wildest dreams come true, but will Paige allow her past to ruin the forever kind of love?

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  1. Rayne Baxley knows how to spin a tale! This sounds like a great read! Horny Devil Publishing has some awesome authors!