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Review: Sydney's Triple Shot by Lori King

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Sydney's Triple Shot
Lori King
Siren Publishing

Sydney is on the run from her abusive ex. When she lands a job working for the hot Dawson brothers she is instantly attracted to not one but all three of them. Understandably having 
trust issues around men she still cannot deny what she feels for them. 
But her ex will not let her go and will do everything he can to make sure she never runs from him
As far as Xavier, Noah and Tyce are concerned there is nothing lower then a man who hits a woman. Instantly attracted to Sydney they have to do everything they can to show her that while
they may have dominant personalities it doesn't mean she has to fear them. They are determined to show Sydney that the only thing they want is her in their lives where she belongs.
TRIPLE SHOT by Lori King will rip your heart out. What Sydney has gone through no woman should have to experience and will have readers reaching for the tissue box or roll of toilet tissue when reading her story. The Dawson brothers are everything her ex was not and you feel for their plight as they show Sydney that she has nothing to fear from them.  The scenes between the four 
of them are hot enough to cause third degree burns on your fingers that will have readers making sure there are no blisters on them.
Lori King is an author who is now an autobuy author for me. If you haven't read Ms King before then there is no better place to start then SYDNEY'S TRIPLE SHOT.

                              ADULT EXCERPT

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Noah and Tyce stripping out of their clothes as she tugged Xavier’s zipper down, exposing his hard length to her hot hands. She shoved his pants down his thighs and then wrapped her hand around him. She smiled again when her fingers didn’t quite close around his girth, and her pussy grew wetter. Sticking her tongue out, she gently licked the pre-cum off of the tip of his cock.
“Don’t tease me, Sidney,” Xavier grumbled, and she opened her lips and sucked his length down until it was teasing her tonsils. “Oh fuck, yes, that’s good, baby.”
Waves of satisfaction rolled over her at every grunt and moan of pleasure that escaped his voice box, and she doubled her efforts. Reaching her hand underneath him to cup his heavy balls, she began a sensual, circular motion with her fingers.
While she was alternately tugging and massaging at his balls, he roughly gripped her hair and began thrusting into her mouth at his own pace. She moaned around her mouthful of cock and felt his balls tighten in her hand.
“Swallow it, baby,” he directed, just before his whole body shuddered as cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, trying not to lose a drop, and after a few moments his hand gripped her chin to pull her away from him oversensitive cock. He tipped her head back to look down at her, and she smiled at the heavy-lidded look of a sated man.
“Your mouth is incredible,” he murmured as he bent to kiss her tingling lips. She was surprised by the kiss, knowing he must taste himself on her tongue, but she realized that even that was a turn-on. When he finally broke their lip-lock and stepped away from her, she was breathing hard again, and she could feel the flush of lust on her face and throat.
“Strip now,” Xavier said in a low voice that stroked her desire even higher. She dropped her eyes from his as she tugged the beautiful navy blue dress over her head. Noah snatched it from her hands before tossing it in the general direction of the kitchen and dropping to his knees where Xavier had been standing.
A blink later she was completely nude except for her strappy high-heeled sandals. She felt decadent and utterly sexual in the presence of three large, nude men, and she pushed away all of her normally self-conscious thoughts.
Tyce moved closer to her side and reached out with one hand to tweak her nipple. She reacted by moaning and arching into his hand, so he did it again, only harder. “Do you like that, love?” he whispered to her, but her panting gave the answer away for her.
Noah’s hands were forcing her knees apart, and his long, masculine fingers were gently stroking their way closer and closer to her cleft as Tyce dropped his head to suck her nipple into his mouth. She cried out at the ripples of ecstasy that rolled over her as Noah nipped at the soft skin of her inner thigh and danced his fingers over her dripping slit. Tyce’s teeth and tongue worked magic on her sensitive nipples, and before she could register what was happening, Sidney climaxed spectacularly.

* * * *

Noah knelt between Sidney’s legs with his eyes fastened on the soft, pink folds of her femininity. He watched the muscles clench as her orgasm rocked through her and saw the gush of cream that came with it. Thinking to himself that it would be a crime to waste that sweet-tasting juice, he ran the tip of his tongue over her, causing her to scream out as another smaller orgasm exploded over her.
He glanced over at Xavier, who sat in a chair, completely nude and entirely focused on the beautiful Sidney. By the rapturous look on his brother’s face, Noah could only hazard a guess that Xavier was as smitten by Sidney as he was.
Whether she knew it or not yet, she trusted them with her body and soul. There was no reason for it, other than fate, because they hadn’t known each other long enough for them to have truly earned her trust. His heart was swollen with pride and love for the beautiful woman, and all he could think about was claiming her for his own permanently.
He watched as Tyce tugged at her body until she moved where he wanted her. Now she rested on her knees with her chest on the seat of the couch, and her beautiful, curvy ass high in the air. Reaching one hand across her back to stroke over the soft white skin of her rear, he couldn’t resist giving her a little tap. She squealed, and Noah could feel his face break out in a grin to match Tyce’s.
“Again,” Xavier commanded from behind them, and this time Noah smacked the other ass cheek.
“Yes!” Sidney moaned into the couch cushion and wiggled her butt back and forth.
“Hold still, love, or you won’t get what you want,” Tyce said, and then he bent over her back to kiss her spine, soothing away the roughness of his words.
Noah continued to let his hands drift over Sidney’s body as Tyce gently began stroking her asshole with the tip of his finger. The whole time Sidney’s body trembled under their touch, but she managed to hold fairly still. With a wink at Noah, Tyce dropped behind her, and from the angle of his head, Noah knew he was licking her from front to back. She gasped, and her breath came out in a choking sound when Tyce’s licks centered on her ass, and when he finally raised his head, Noah could see he had penetrated her ass with two fingers.                               

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  1. Thank you so much for the great review Barb! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! You're right, what Sidney went through was harsh, but it was unfortunately true to life. I hope that by giving her a Happily Ever After, other women will see a HEA for themselves. :)