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Review: Passions Trust by Cara Carnes

Passion's Trust - Cara Carnes
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Passions Trust
 Pleasure Brigade, Book 4
by Cara Carnes
Ellora's Cave

Passion's Trust by Cara Carnes is the fourth in the Pleasure Brigade series. Katey has loved working at the exclusive BDSM resort The Brigade. The Brigade is a place where newbie
submissives go to explore the world of BDSM. so when she enters it for the first time as a submissive she is immediately swept up by Master Lorenzo.
Lorenzo has always wanted Katey but when she finally comes to The Brigade he makes it known to the other Doms that she is his.
I love Cara Carnes but this was the first of the Pleasure Brigade series that I have read and now I have to go find the previous three books. I wanted to know more about the friends of Katey and Lorenzo.
The love scenes between Lorenzo and Katey are intense and when a third is added things get hotter.  As a reader I could almost picture Katey as she learns what The Brigade has to offer and much more.
I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series and anxiously wait for the next installment.

  “Katey.” Her name flowed from his thick lips like a sensuous caress against her most intimate parts. “Second thoughts?”
How had he known about her first thoughts?
The question evaporated under his intense scrutiny—surgical precision slicing to her marrow. Her stomach turned and twisted into a chaotic mess.
Warm fingers squeezed her neck gently, a calm but firm reminder she’d been asked a direct question that required an answer. She nodded.
“My fault.” Gabe shrugged when Lorenzo arrowed a displeased glare his direction. “I warned her about the tryouts.”
“Ah.” The simple word shifted the air between them.
Lorenzo stepped closer until she inhaled his cologne, the woodsy, musky scent permanently adhered in her brain as his. Her pulse drummed in her ears so loud she barely heard the husky whisper tickling across her neck. “Santiago was kind enough to take your comfort into consideration, bella donna. What do you say?”
“Thank you, Sir.”
Gabe grinned. “I’ll get my reward later.”
Her pussy clenched at the notion. Would he and Lorenzo scene a ménage with her? She’d observed Lance and Stryker with Viviana so many times she felt downright lascivious just hearing their names.
Lorenzo wasn’t on the potential playlist she’d made. He was too intense, too tempting. Everything she desired yet couldn’t afford to chance.
What if she humiliated herself? Or worse—what if she did something horrendous to upset them all? Where would she be? On the street with no home, no job. No stability.
“Come, Katey.” Lorenzo squeezed her shoulder and then ran the hand down her back until it settled at her waist.
Tingles shadowed his path. An ache settled between her legs.
Low lighting enhanced the darkened atmosphere. Although The Brig was a fully stocked BDSM dungeon and playroom, the club was an instruction mechanism more than anything—which explained the additional lighting along the entryway and ample seating along the walls.
A wide assortment of play stations sat in sporadic yet somewhat secluded locations in a large, open room adorned with various seating and furniture to create the image of sections. Speakers hung in the corners, partially obscuring security cameras. The layout of the room changed frequently to spotlight the various BDSM facets.
Most of her time was spent in the background, tucked within the darkened walkway a few feet off the ground, which encircled the room. The circle opened to a large hallway she’d never had the courage to enter. She’d been told there was an assortment of private scene rooms and a couple of dungeons.
Lorenzo paused at a small check-in room at the club’s primary entrance off the foyer. He nodded at the woman behind the counter.
“Hey, Katey.” Marissa tapped away on a keyboard and the bracelet on Katey’s wrist vibrated softly. The device provided all information on the wearer’s identity, sexual play preferences and other data—including all pertinent notes Brigade Masters or employees might’ve made.
She wondered if there was really much in her file yet. The most important part seemed to be the daunting checklist-slash-questionnaire, which she’d spent the past couple of months studying.
The questionnaire was designed by Satan to pick his wicked angels. Nothing else could explain the temptations listed on the daunting smorgasbord of BDSM activities. If she marked even half the things she wouldn’t mind trying once, she’d be branded as a pervert and cast from the island—or in this case job.
Lorenzo squeezed her arm slightly. “You with us, bella donna?”
Nervousness settled in the pit of her stomach. She was definitely here, whether it was the wise decision or not. “Yes Sir.”
“Are you observing?” Marissa reached for the orange band Katey’d become accustomed to wearing.
“Katey will be more active tonight.”
Lorenzo’s voice tumbled through her mind. She was really doing this.
“Leave your shoes with Marissa. For tonight your feet at the very least shall remain bare.”
A gleam appeared in Marissa’s eyes as she took Katey’s shoes and gave her a yellow bracelet to wear on her left wrist. The color denoted her first night of exploration, a warning for the Doms that she would more than likely screw up in just about every conceivable way.
Fortunately most Doms in residence seemed to enjoy the need for additional guidance. It left Katey wondering if Lorenzo was the same. He rarely frequented the club while she was there. Perhaps his schedule didn’t allow him the luxury.
“I’d watch this one. He’s known for making subs remain fully exposed for his pleasure,” Marissa whispered.
“Did you forget the rules, Marissa?”
Shock reflected in the woman’s widened eyes. “Forgive me, Sir.”
“What occurs within the club or at this resort is private. More importantly, what a Dom chooses to do with a sub is his business to share if he wishes.”
She nodded mutely.
“Report to Master Santiago after your shift and he’ll administer to your punishment.”
“Yes Sir.”
Katey remained silent as they walked away from the woman. Lorenzo pulled a handheld device from his belt and tapped away on the keyboard. She swallowed the questions on the tip of her tongue. She’d observed enough situations with the other Doms to know when to remain silent.
This was one of those times.
“Marissa tests authority,” Lorenzo offered. “I find it tiring but others enjoy her antics.”
The flooring felt cool against her bare feet. He guided her toward a small area nestled in the corner, bare of any paraphernalia other than a leather ottoman and an overgrown potted plant hiding most of the seating. Her heart raced as her gaze swept the remainder of the room.
She tried to ignore the bustling activity and various scenes in progress, but moans and gasps riddled her courage with bullet-sized doubt. She’d rushed into tonight. Maybe she should’ve waited another week. Or three.
“Come, sit.”
Lorenzo’s massive frame enveloped the small sofa. His long legs sprawled out, slightly parted. She chewed on her lower lip and noted the small space on his right. She could squeeze in but it would be tight.
Or perhaps he’d intended for her to kneel. Most subs did that. Caution always proved the best course of action. Her arm tingled where he touched.
“I want you in my arms while we talk.”
She sat on his lap and tried hard to hold the bulk of her weight on her feet. Squishing the sexy Dom wouldn’t make the night go well. He tsked softly at her aversion to his order and pulled until she was fully in his embrace.
His fingers ran down her arm until she shivered. “You are very responsive,bella donna. This pleases me immensely.”


  1. Hi Cara! Passions Trust sounds awesome! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks for the awesome review, Barb! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. :)