Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Caged Heat by Milly Taiden

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Caged Heat
by Milly Taiden
Etopia Press

CAGED HEAT is the second in Milly Taiden's Black Meadow series and is a perfect reason why this author needs to be remained in a locked room and not allowed out for anything but a shower
and an occasional energy bar.
 Samira Suarez better known as Sam returns home after spending time helping teach children in impoverished countries. Upon returning she is faced with two mysteries, one is why does she
feel like she goes into heat every time she looks at sexy wolf shifter Riel Karven.  She has always been attracted to him and being away five years does not lessen her attraction. It almost feels like she is in heat but how can it be when she is human?
The second mystery is which one of her not nice relatives are trying to kill her. Having inherited the
bulk of her grandmothers' estate they make it clear that they are not happy. But which one of them would go as far as murder?

Riel has known from the moment he looked at Sam that she was his mate. Now that she is back it takes everything in him not to go next door and claim her.

CAGED HEAT not only has an edge of your seat suspense but also has the steamy hot sexiness that we all know to expect from author Milly Taiden as well as the trademarked humor.
Sam and Riel's chemistry caused I am pretty sure steam to come out of my reading device and I do believe had to turn on the air conditioner as cold as it could get but it still didn't lessen the heat.
Ms Taiden's books should come with a warning to read with protective covering on your fingers to avoid third degree burns.
Then there are the secondary characters like Troy and Nat who seriously need to get their mating otherwise they might self combust into flames.
The suspense of which one of Sam's greedy relatives are trying to kill her will have you at the edge of your seat when she encounters one attempt after the other.  Readers will definitely want to kick some greedy relative butt when reading CAGED HEAT.

Did I like CAGED HEAT?? NAHHHH LOVED IT. And after reading you just might want to help make sure Milly Taiden does not escape the locked room to write.

Animal Appeal: Why I Love Shifters
by Milly Taiden
The biggest reason I love shifters is because they are human but also have that wildness about them. Come on you know it’s true. The entire growling, snarling and danger is oh so sexy. I admit I may have issues, I do love me some shifters, the more dangerous the better.  I also like the fact that a shifter can be a regular human on the outside, hiding a wild beast inside. To me, that’s just hot. I like that they fight to protect their mates and their families. My werewolf shifters mate for life and are so sexy woman would want one. Shifters have this aura of sexy danger. It calls to the animal inside every woman. Makes us want to be bad with them. Plus, each one of us wants to know if sex really is as wild as we think. Is there biting? Is there snarling? Is there growling? LOL. In my books there is. So I make shifters my own and turn them into my fantasy come to life.

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