Monday, April 29, 2013

Hard to Resist by Megan Slayer

Hard to Resist by Megan Slayer
Sequel to Valentine’s in the Club
Shara Azod Publishing
Contemporary, erotic, M/F
Available here:

Could the worst day of her life really be the best thing to ever happen to a girl?

Lacey Carmona loves the nightlife. Carefree and happy, she excels in her accounting job at her brother’s club, Club56. One night compromised by lies changes her whole life. Add in an overprotective older brother, and things are bound to get a whole lot worse. She’s not looking for a man, not even the one guy who embodies every one of her fantasies. She helped create the situation, and she’ll work it out—on her own. Too bad Chris Welch is so hard to resist.
Sometimes the best-laid plans need a little tweaking into something more irresistible.

“I got myself into this... I’ll get myself out.” Lacey Carmona crossed her legs and curled up on the hood of her car. The overcast sky mirrored her mood. Crappy. The chill seeped to her bones. She’d done a foolish thing by trusting Tate, but they’d been involved. He’d claimed he’d never lie to her.
He’d lied, big time.
Now she had to deal with the consequences. She mashed the piece of paper in her hand. The words burned into her brain. Pregnant. Two months along. Pre-natal vitamins. She trembled and closed her eyes. Sitting outside the club wouldn’t help her tell her older brother, but then again going inside wouldn’t make explaining much easier.
Footsteps crunched on the pavement behind her. She opened her eyes, then glanced over her shoulder. Chris Welch, the head bouncer, aka the man who embodied sex on legs, strolled over to where she sat. His black T-shirt molded to his chest, giving her more than a tease as to how much time he spent at the gym. Despite her depressed mood, her pussy quivered. She shouldn’t be thinking about him—or any man--right now, but with him looking so fine, so hard to resist...looking away wasn’t going to happen.
“Hiya, Lace. What’s happen—” He didn’t finish his question. Instead he perched on the leading edge of the hood and wrapped an arm around her. “You’re not okay. Want to talk? I can tell Trip you need a couple hours off. He owes me.”
“He doesn’t know I’m here.” She rested her head on his sculpted shoulder, basking in the warmth of his embrace and the easy way he held her tight. “I’m scared.”
“About what, Lace? Tell me. I’m here for you.”
She’d have to tell someone sooner or later. “Remember Tate Blauser?”
“Your boyfriend.”
“Ex.” She sighed and sat up straight. “We split over a month ago. I caught him with another girl in his bed. Things were already so bad between us. Leaving him didn’t hurt. But his parting gift isn’t as...nice.”
“What’d he do?” Chris leaned forward and met her gaze. “If he hurt you, I will kick his ass.”
She’d never noticed the flecks of sapphire and jade in his blue eyes, but up close, the color variations stood out well. A girl could lose herself in eyes like his. Hell, she wanted to.
“He lied to me. Said he’d used a condom. I was on the pill. Somehow something went wrong.” Her voice caught and she couldn’t breathe. “I’ve been throwing up, and my period hasn’t come for two months. I went to my gynecologist.”
“And?” He slipped her hand into his and stroked her knuckles with his thumb.
“I’m pregnant.” The words tumbled out too fast, and the tears slipped down her cheeks even faster. “Trip will kill me. He told me not to get involved with Tate, and he’s not going to let me live this down.”
“Because of an accident?” Chris stood at his full height, then wrapped both arms around her. “He’s not that much of an ass.”
“Have you met him? He’s so overprotective, it’s crazy.” She wiped her cheeks and gasped. From her head to her toes, she trembled. Nothing cut her deeper than having to talk to her brother.
“I’m pretty overprotective, too.” He tipped her chin, looking her in the eye. “I’ll help you.”
“Why? You’re my friend, sure, but you’ve got a girlfriend. Won’t Missy be upset?”
“Missy is my sister. You saw her here at the club because she wanted to dance and meet people. But mostly so I could keep an eye on her.” He rested his forehead on hers. “I’m not afraid of your brother. He’s big and loud, but he doesn’t scare me.”
“You’re nuts.” He had to be. They knew each other from the club and talked from time to time, but to jump in and help her during her time of need? Come on. “I’ll just tell Trip. What’s the worst he can do? Disown me?” She’d gotten herself into the predicament, she’d get herself out.
“People have called me all sorts of things, but that’s the first time someone called me nuts.” He rubbed her shoulders. “What do you want to do?”
“He’ll kill me. I’m the baby. I’m not allowed to screw up. If I tell him it’s Tate’s... At least he likes you.”
“Whatever you want to tell him, I’ll back you up. How about we’ve been dating for two months and we’ve had a happy accident?”
“You’d do that for me?”
“Lace, I already like you. Maybe this is our chance to see if this friendship we share is meant to be something more.”
“You’re a crazy knight in shining armor.” She threw her arms around his neck and squeezed him tight. Maybe they could be more.

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