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Review: Discovering Alicia by Tessie Bradford

Discovering Alicia by Tessie Bradford
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Review: Discovering Alicia
by Tessie Bradford
Resplendence Publishing
Menage/Light BDSM

It was just supposed to be a month long summer vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Alicia found the perfect place to spend doing nothing but reading, fishing, and laying by the lake but then she reunites with Brad. Brad and Alicia had been lab partners at Michigan State University and had gone their separate ways. Alicia teaches second graders and Brad works as a conservation officer with the DNR.  Brad also looks nothing like he did back in college and Alicia can not help but feel the chemistry between them.
Brad had a thing back at MSU but Alicia never thought of him as anything more then someone to help her go through her science requirement. But the feelings he stirs in her is much more as a lab partner but as a partner who will let her sexual fantasies come true.
DISCOVERING ALICIA by Tessa Bradford is HOT from the first encounter to the last and will have readers turning on their air conditioners in the middle of winter on the coldest setting. Which also includes a menage with Brad's BFF Tom. Brad also helps Alicia discover there is nothing wrong with the way she feels and to shed her sexual inhibitions.
Brad and Alicia are also fun outside of the bedroom. Readers will also chuckle at the bantering that goes on between them. Both characters are the type that would be fun to hang around with whether out to dinner, or just hanging out with at a bbq.
This reader cannot help but  hope that in the not to distant future that we will see another book from Tessie Bradford featuring Tom.


“Michigan has mountains?” Alicia asked her computer screen as she clicked through stunningly beautiful pictures of the Huron Mountain region of the Upper Peninsula. A misspelling in her search for a summer vacation rental had resulted in her discovering there was still a lot to learn about the state she’d lived in her entire life. The area had vast expanses of protected land, numerous inland lakes and rivers and was a favored destination for trout and salmon fishers, as well as hunters. Skanee was described as “dispersed rural community”, but it did have a town hall and post office. The small town of Big Bay was obviously where one would go for necessities.

Alicia toggled back to the screen displaying the listing for the property near Pine Lake. The two-bedroom cottage sat on over twenty acres of pristine land. The exterior was stone. A covered, wooden plank porch ran the length of the front. Two old-fashioned rocking chairs flanked a large window with a low, round table between them. The window was lifted partway, and one of the frilly curtain panels dangled outside. She closed her eyes and could almost feel the breeze, smell the freshness of the air. Complete peace and quiet, good fishing, moderate civilization reachable in an emergency—everything she was looking for.

“Except there is no possible way this is for real,” she muttered, standing slowly then moving gingerly to allow circulation to return to her butt cheeks and legs. “How long have I been sitting here?” she questioned. The clock on the wall indicated it’d been over four hours.

Alicia had rented numerous cottages over the years, and the rental amount on this one was way too low for the amenities it boasted. Maybe the one bathroom was outside? No running water in the kitchen? No electricity? A giant sinkhole in the backyard? Despite her skepticism, she picked up her cell.

After the seventh ring, Alicia was about to hang up. Who doesn’t have voicemail, she wondered as the line clicked open.

“Hello?” It was a woman’s voice, quiet and a bit shaky.

“Yes, hi, my name is Alicia Lawrence, and I’m calling about the cottage for rent near Pine Lake.”

“How delightful, my dear! I told Mavis this morning that I’d be hearing from someone today, but she, of course, had to disagree, saying the signs were definitely pointing to tomorrow as a better day. You’d think after all these years… Oh well, I will attempt to be the bigger person and not rub her nose in it too much!” The woman laughed and kept right on talking. “Good Lord, where are my manners? I’m Dottie, Aunt Dottie, everyone calls me Aunt Dottie, except for my boys. They call me Mom, of course. I reckon if they ever get down to it and give me some grandbabies, they will call me something different. I’m partial to Granny Dottie; what do you think, dear?”

That I’ve just discovered the fatal flaw; the owner is a lunatic! Alicia struggled to come up with a way to end the conversation without seeming rude. Aunt Dottie didn’t give her enough time.

“You’re wondering why my cottage doesn’t cost more, aren’t you, dear?” Ali’s jaw dropped. “I checked some of the other rentals in the area and was flabbergasted at the prices, highway robbery if you ask me. How do they expect regular people to be able to afford so much in this economy? Seems a whole bunch smarter to be reasonable and actually get a renter than asking the moon and having your place sit empty for the summer, doesn’t it? Everything in that ad is one hundred percent true, and the pictures were snapped yesterday. The listing just went up this morning, you know? Oh, how silly of me, of course you wouldn’t know, or is there a way you can check that?”

“No, I mean I didn’t see a date on it, but I wasn’t really looking for one.”

“And a person can find anything they’re looking for on the internet, can’t they? I don’t begin to understand it all, and fought tooth and nail learning anything about it until my son showed me how to look things up, then he put me on the email and I was surely hooked. I have friends all over the world now! Oh my, dear, let’s not get off track.”

Alicia dragged her hand through her hair and dropped back into her chair. Who knew it was possible to become exhausted from listening to someone speak over a telephone?

“What day will you be arriving?”

“Um, well, July first was my target date, but I’ve just started checking into summer vacation options, and I wasn’t initially planning on going as far north.”

“Why did you call me, then?”

Wow, Aunt Dottie didn’t pull any punches! Alicia liked that in people.

“It’s kind of weird, really. A typo in my search led me to your ad. Once I saw the pictures, I started researching the area. It seems so beautiful, peaceful, I don’t know, I decided to call.” Alicia blushed before continuing. “And you’re absolutely right. The price was a huge motivation.”

“Expected to expose the whole thing as a big shim sham, didn’t you?”

“Guilty as charged, Aunt Dottie, but you know what they say, if it sounds too good to be true it, probably is.”

“A glass-half-empty attitude leads to early wrinkles and digestive trouble.” It was Ali’s turn to laugh. “You were meant to stumble across my little cottage; everything happens for a reason, dear. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself, and I’ll answer any questions you have, and we’ll go from there.”

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