Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: What the Boss Wants by Indigo Sin

Review: What the Boss Wants
Horny Housekeepers Series
by Indigo Sin
Horny Devil Publishing
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Indigo Sin is fast becoming a favorite author of mine and WHAT A BOSS WANTS is good reason why. Andrea works for Brian and his wife Ella as their housekeeper. She is very attracted to him but knows he is off limits. He is married but knows that it is not a happy one with Andrea hearing Ella constantly arguing and putting him down whenever she can almost every day.
When Brian walks in on Andrea trying on some of Ella's sexy lingerie they can no longer fight their attraction and even though this is wrong it feels so right.
Ms Sin does a great job in creating sympathetic characters in a normally unsympathetic situation. The chemistry between Andrea and Brian sizzles even with they are in same room with clothes on, but explodes to ta three alarm fire when their clothes come off.
Ms Sin is also one of the few writers that I actually enjoy reading in first person. First person is normally not a favorite point of view but with her Horny Housekeepers series it fits and takes you inside these characters.
After reading WHAT A BOSS WANTS and knowing another one is coming out soon I cannot help but wonder what is up next in this series. I know I cannot wait.

As Andrea lusts for the one man she has no business pining for, she finds herself tangled in a web of illicit interludes that fuel her desire.

Brian can’t hide his attraction to the housekeeper any longer, and when he finds her in a precarious situation in his bedroom, he can’t help but take advantage of his unexpected luck.

What happens when feelings can no longer be ignored, and the boss gets exactly what he wants?

“Drop the clothes,” he said gently, continuing to prowl his way toward me, “I’m not done looking yet.”
His tone was low and commanding, and it made me very, very wet.  I was a little unsure of what was happening, but I knew that he wasn’t angry.  Far from it, actually.
I swallowed hard and hesitated slightly, before letting the clothes fall to the floor.  A low growl resonated from across the room, raising goose bumps over my flesh.  The urge to cover myself clawed at the surface, but I resisted, keeping my eyes on the floor in front of me.  Terrified, yet excited all at once, I took a shuddering breath and held it when his shiny loafers came into view in front of me.  My body trembled with anticipation.
With a fingertip, he tilted my face up to meet his eyes.  My heart pounded against my ribcage in a fury while I struggled to remain still and not flee from the room.  My brain raged against me, telling me it was wrong.  It screamed at me, reminding me of what the ring on his left hand meant.  My body, however, had other ideas.
His gaze dropped to my lips...

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