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Review: Given by Ashlynn Monroe

Review: Given
by Ashlynn Monroe
Beachwalk Press

GIVEN by Ashlynn Monroe gives readers a scary look into the future. What if there was a plague where most of the female population dies? What would countries do?

Giving is a rite of passage for young women. Upon reaching their 21st birthday young women are Given to a group of six men who must make her pregnant  if that does not occur then she is given to another six.  Krista has been in the protection facility ever since she was a young child. She can only hope that the six she will be given to will be kind and not use her cruelly.  She never expected to fall in love with one of them.

GIVEN is listed as a menage but it is so much more than that.  It gives readers a chance to think could this really happen in this country? Women would be no longer allowed to work,have no freedom and only be there to breed? That the only way for men to be with a woman is through a lottery system that only men with money can afford.

From the minute I started reading GIVEN to the end I could not put this down. The love scenes are hot and sexy, but there are moments when you will laugh as well as want to hit someone for the predicament that the characters find themselves in.

I know that GIVEN is going to be put in my to be read again pile.

Damn, you’re beautiful, woman," DeAnthony uttered. "I’d love for you to part those legs. I want to see you, Krista. All of you."
She was shaking, but decided to give him what he wanted. That feeling from earlier, the one that promised she might actually like this, returned. She knew she wasn’t beautiful, but a sweet lie was forgivable. She opened her legs, just a little.
"Oh baby, give us a little more," DeAnthony requested huskily.
Heat warmed her cheeks. She only opened her legs a little wider. She doubted they could see much, but she was still nervous.
A gentle touch against her nipples made her hiss. She knew two different men were touching her breasts. One was a little rougher than the other was, but the sensation was wonderful and she parted her legs wider for the men. The slow growing flame of want began to burn hotter and she unclenched her fists. She hadn’t even realized she was doing it until she relaxed a little.
She heard a moan and knew it was DeAnthony getting a good look between her legs. "I want to touch your pussy, Krista," DeAnthony whispered.
She nodded, her eyes still closed. The first touch made her jump. He ran his fingertip against the outside of her pussy, but then he flicked the little nub that hid there and she bucked her hips.
"Shh, baby, you’ll like this," DeAnthony promised. He began rubbing there and at first, it was almost a violation, but then warmth began to fill her and arrows of excitement struck her core. Her stomach muscles became taut and tight. Brax and Jared were rolling her nipples with more pressure, and she realized she liked it, all of it.
Cautiously, she opened her eyes. Jared smiled down at her, but Brax wore his typically

serious, contemplative expression. She smiled at both men.
DeAnthony dipped his finger into the slickness that was forming at her entrance and when he returned his fingers to her clit, she cried out softly. "Mmm, you like that, baby?"
"Y…yes, oh, yes," she answered, finding her missing voice. "I want…"
"What do you want, Kristannie?" Brax asked, his focus so completely on her that she had to swallow around the lump in her throat. His eyes had the power to captivate her unlike anything she’d ever experienced. She just needed him to keep looking at her like that to find the courage to voice her pleasure.
"I want to learn…how to make you feel good, all of you." She never took her eyes from Braxton as she spoke.
"I don’t think you could do much to make us feel bad, baby," DeAnthony answered.
"Jared’s dick is the smallest." Brax paused to look at Jared. "Nothing personal, dude," he said, and Jared just shrugged in response. "We thought you could learn to take a man in your mouth on him. Would you like to take Jared’s cock in your mouth?" Brax asked, and his voice had an instructional tone that made her feel strange. She realized hearing him ask such a sexual question in such a casual tone, he might as well be asking if she wanted the last cookie, but his question heightened her building sexual curiosity.
"Yes," she replied, and she bit her lip, afraid of making a mistake.
Jared stopped playing with her nipple and knelt on the bed beside her. She glanced at his erection. He wasn’t that much smaller than the others were, but she thought she could do it. Rolling to her side, her lips were just an inch or so away from him. Krista licked her lips. She leaned in and took his cock gently into her mouth. He made a low sound and she gasped, pulling away.
"Did that hurt?" she asked shyly.
"Hell no. You’re doing fine," he replied gruffly.
She leaned forward again and took more of him in her mouth.
"Put your lips over your teeth, Krista. That’s it. Now slide over him. Press the bottom of him with your tongue," Brax instructed.
"Stop…ordering…her around. She’s doing just fine. Ahhh," Jared ground out between his moans.
Krista gasped against his cock as a new sensation of warm heat settled on her pussy. She

pulled away from Jared to look down and DeAnthony’s dark head was between her pale thighs. The sight was beautifully erotic and, for a moment, she watched him as he licked her. She turned and took Jared into her mouth again. She’d never have imagined it, but she didn’t want to stop. A peculiar power surged through her. What should have been degrading was instead uplifting. The realization struck her sharply as she glanced up at Jared’s face. She had the power to give or withhold pleasure from this man. He was lucky—she was in a giving mood.
Feeling the position of her newfound knowledge, she quickened her pace, all the while enjoying the growing sensitivity in her pussy as her clit swelled from all the attention DeAnthony lavished on it. When Jared cried out loudly, DeAnthony stopped licking her and the bed dipped where he was lifting himself up to get a better look at what she was doing.
"Oh God, I…I’m going to come, Krista. I…Ahhh!"

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