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Review: Fangs in Fur by Cynthia Sax

Fangs In Fur by Cynthia  Sax
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Fangs in Fur
Cynthia Sax
Changeling Press

Helena's best friend Sabella is supposed to mate with the wolf king Marrokk but she doesn't want to marry let alone sleep with a shifter.  While commiserating with her in a bar Helena cannot help but notice a shifter staring at her. She is attracted to him but knows that bonding between them is forbidden unless it is between the vampire queen and wolf king.
FANGS IN FUR is a funny,sexy, hot and did I mention hot? new release by Cynthia Sax. I love vamps and wolves and the two of them together is explosive. You will go from laughing one minute and wanting to go get a cold shower the next. If you love Cynthia Sax as much as I do then you definitely have to add this to your Cynthia Sax collection. If you haven't read her yet, why not?? Start now with FANGS IN FUR.
Fangs In Fur
Cynthia Sax
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Cynthia Sax

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

01 Helena's Journal
"I'll marry him. I won't go against the council." Sabella, my soon-to-be-wed best friend, stares forlornly into a shot glass of fermented blood, her sixth, tenth, twentieth; hell, I don't know how many drinks she's slung back tonight. I've lost track. I haven't seen my blueblood buddy sober since she was told she'd have to marry some all-powerful wolf king, solidifying the fragile link between the wolves and the vampires.
I'd like to form a link between the wolves and the vampires -- a sexual link. I cast a covert glance at the hunky hunk of a wolf shifter lurking in the shadows. He's been hunting us since we staggered into the paranormal bar, his heated gaze making my previously sleeping pussy wake up and purr.
"And I guess I'll have to let him fuck me," Sabella concedes primly as though she hadn't once banged an entire football team. "But." She waves one pale slender finger in the air, her manicure as perfect as she is. "I'm not sharing my blood with a dog."
A wolf, not a dog. I survey my wolf shifter's obscenely wide shoulders, and I lick my lips, hungry for a taste of him. My pussy playdar predicts he'll be a three-course meal in and out of the sack, well able to satisfy all of my healthy appetites, unlike the snack pack members surrounding him.
"If you don't share your blood with your little doggie, won't he die?" Charlotte has a death grip on the edge of the bar as though she's afraid she'll fall off her barstool, my colorful friend participating in a sympathy drunk.
I'm the designated sucker... driver, my friends knowing I'll do anything for them. I'm like a damn dog in that way, loyal to a fault. I glance at my wolf shifter. Five long scars run down his cheek, the silver marks gleaming against his tanned skin. His hair is short and brown and appears soft to the touch, like fuzz on a newborn puppy's belly. I hold his dark-eyed gaze, silently challenging him.
Come and get me, big dog.
If you dare.
"Then he'll die." Sabella slaps the wooden bar top. She must have liked how that sounded because she hits it again and again and again. The bartender, a grumpy ol' gnome, gives her the evil eye, but doesn't say anything. Like most of the bar's patrons, he's scared shitless of us.
Not my wolf though. I give him a small smile, flashing him some fang. He's badass, alpha vibes rolling off of him in heavy sexy waves. Oh yes, baby. Who let the dog out? Woof! Woof!
"I won't spend eternity with a male I don't love," Sabella, the council's beloved princess, slurs, wobbling on her bar stool. The other more prissy council members would be mortified if they saw her now. I'm her best friend though. I've seen her batshit wasted. My recurring role in her drunken dramas is to hold her perfect hair as she pukes.
"You might love wolf boy," I volunteer, playing Suzie Sunshine -- my weak attempt at hauling this drunkfest out of the depths of despair. "You don't know."
"I do know," Sabella snaps, her eyes blazing red. "I can't love an animal and to have him touch me..." She shudders dramatically. "I'd rather do a human. No offense." She pats Charlotte's arm. Our newly-turned friend had remained more human than vampire.
"None taken." Charlotte grins, her bubblegum pink lipstick smeared over her white teeth. Her crazy red hair sticks straight up, and one of the buttons on her bright yellow top abandoned the good ship Charlotte an hour ago. She's a mess, but she has a beloved who adores her, the lucky beyotch.
And soon Sabella will have a beloved also. Wolf boy will fall in love with her because everyone loves Sabella, and I'll be left alone, surrounded by wimps too weak to approach me. Sucks to be me.
"I heard." Sabella looks around her. I don't know what she's looking for, and I doubt, in her inebriated state, she knows either.
"Come here. Come here. Come here." She crooks her finger at us. We obligingly lean in, the alcohol fumes spewing from her mouth powerful enough to be considered an alternative fuel source.
"I heard they do it in wolf form," she yells at ear-splitting levels, and I wince, deafened for the rest of my immortal life.
"Not all of the time," I scoff, bluffing shamelessly, knowing ass all about how wolf shifters fuck.
I did my research on the furry four-legged kind, for Sabella's sake, of course, not out of any unseemly fascination with beast men. I smile at my hunkalicious wolf shifter, ensuring his attention hasn't wandered, and it hasn't; his gaze is fixed on me.

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