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Review: Dying for a White Christmas by Renee George

Dying for a White Christmas by ReneƩ  George
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Review: Dying for a White Christmas
by Renee George
Changeling Press

After reading DYING ROOM ONLY, I had to immediately read DYING FOR A WHITE CHRISTMAS. Alex, Rafir and Julia are back in this sexy sequel. The three of them are together but not totally committed. Alex and Julia are still not sure of the other and Rafir loves them both but he has other issues to deal with, like members of another pack unhappy about his choice of packmates.
Then there is Alex's wish for a family Christmas of which neither Rafir nor Julia are interested in happening.

I love menages and Renee does them so well. I can honestly say I have missed her books and thankfully fans of Ms George are getting more of our fixes. Alex and Julia both have issues that they are still dealing with and    Rafir is in the middle trying to keep them both happy but wishing he could do something to get Julia and Alex  to come together and make them and even stronger pack.

DYING FOR CHRISTMAS almost makes you hear a wicked version of the classic song playing in your head but from now I am going to envision Alex, Julia and Rafir whenever I hear it. I know this is one book that I will be reading again, and again.

Dying for a White Christmas
ReneƩ George
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

"Do not put another light up in here, Alex." Julia Deihl rolled on to her back. Her lover and pack leader, Rafir Caras, groaned and shifted his weight next to her, and the sheet covering them slid off his chest. It was a nice chest, but Julia would not be distracted. "This is not a discotheque!"
"Look," Alex said. He stood naked holding up a strand of blinkers. "I know for a fact it has been years since you've celebrated Christmas, and it's been several since I have, and now that we're... family, I think it's important we develop rituals." He looked ridiculous with the lights flashing across his pale skin. His sandy blond hair fell forward to cover his deep-set hazel green and gold eyes while his full, sensual mouth puckered in a sexy pout. The flickering light cast dancing shadows across every crease of the firmly developed muscles on his wide chest and narrow waist.
Again, Julia thought to herself, he looked ridiculous. Ridiculously good-looking.
"It's important," Alex said, breaking the spell he hadn't even known he was casting. "Besides, it's only four days until Christmas. It's not like they're going to be up forever."
Julia looked away. "No, Alex."
Rafir rolled over, placing his arm across her waist. His gaze traveled over Alex's delicious form -- slowly, and with much appreciation.
Julia noticed. Her face warmed with jealousy and a sense of shame. She hadn't any reason to be jealous, other than the fact her lover of ten years had introduced a new lover to their home and bed. Right. No reason at all. It didn't help that the new lover was only twenty-three years old, or that he was a vampire. She both hated and loved Alex's youth. There were moments when she'd been grateful for him, even.
Rafir was stronger for adding Alex to their pack. Julia knew this, even if she didn't always like what it meant. Alex was enthusiastic, filled with the exuberance of the young, though not necessarily the naivete. He hadn't wanted to become a vampire, but he hadn't been given the choice, just like Julia hadn't been given the choice to be passed around as a blood slave to vampires for a decade during her youth.
She glanced at Rafir and stroked his arm. He'd rescued her. He'd protected her. And ever since the day he'd busted into the Middle Eastern compound where her master had been visiting, she'd never dreamed of a time where she might exist without him.
Her gaze trailed the curve of Alex's shoulder, the cut of each muscle down his back, to his firm and ultimately squeezable ass as he stared wistfully out the window at the cool, crisp night. She knew his appeal. Hell, she felt the appeal, and in her own way, over the past several months with Alex, she'd grown to love him.
But he was Rafir's, not hers. The thought punched at Julia's gut. Even when they had sex together, as pack, Rafir got most of Alex's attention. Although, Julia hadn't helped the situation. She tended to spend all her attention on Rafir as well. It was safer that way. Alex preferred men, and Julia was the anti-man -- all curvy and no dick.
While Julia watched Alex, she allowed her hand to slide across Rafir's arm until it rested on his cock. He was erect. No surprise there. Watching Alex, naked and bathed in moonlight as fairy lights flickered against his thighs had left her pussy wet and aching. A noise escaped her throat as Rafir's fingers slipped through the folds of her sex. She squirmed her thighs apart to give him more room to play. She loved his sure fingers, his confident touch.
His warm breath ghosted her neck raising the small hairs at the nape. She turned her head to face him, to drink in his chocolate brown eyes. If Alex was beautiful, Rafir was godly. His muscles were tight and thick with years of military service and combat. For a lone wolf, the army had been a perfect place to hide out from the world...


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  2. Great excerpt. I need to read all three in the series.

  3. Thanks, slappylilly! I hope you do read the book and love them. :-)

  4. slappylilly you have to read them :)