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Excerpt :Wild Things: Stalked

Wild Things: Stalked
Jocelyn Michel
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Jocelyn Michel

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I loved mountains... from a distance, that is. Close-up and personal, they weren't nearly as pretty and could even prove quite deadly as they had when I climbed a New Zealand volcano in search of a fire god a few weeks ago. So why was I now scaling another peak, this one in Nepal? As host of Wild Things, my goal was to prove or disprove the world's myths. That meant I had to go where the monsters were, in this case the Himalayas, home of the fabled Yeti.
Wild Things: Stalked by Jocelyn  Michel
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I'm not sure why I chose such an elusive animal for this week's episode, which was the fifth of what I sincerely hoped would be a long-lived series about the adventures of me and my guide/photographer/not-so-secret lover Andrei Dinu. Though I hadn't intended to be the star of Wild Things when I pitched the idea to Earth Broadcasting Network, my estranged father and CEO, Sean Kerrigan, had stepped in, saying he'd only produce the series if I assumed the role. Naturally I took the bait. He obviously thought I'd fall flat on my face. I intended to prove that I wasn't the pushover my poor mom, his ex-wife, had been.
Yeah. I had daddy issues.
That's why I was now hiking at dusk at a high altitude through mud and over rocks with Andrei just behind me, filming as I gracelessly slipped, staggered, and stumbled. Rain mixed with sleet stung my face, and I could only hope the whistling wind wasn't louder than my stammered commentary.
"Though many people believe -- oops! -- that the footprints mountain climbers and explorers have photographed in the snow -- oomph! -- are merely the prints of a local animal that have been distorted by melting -- ooh! -- others point out that the ones found in mud can't be so easily dismissed -- ouch! Damn it, Dinu. Are you positive this is a trail? Because it sure isn't much of one." I extricated my boot from ankle-deep mud, which resulted in a sploosh! that sent me tumbling backward, arms flailing.
I landed on my butt, just missing a sharp rock that would've meant the end of my tail bone. Always surefooted -- a vampire trait that irritated the hell out of me -- Andrei just stood there laughing his ass off. Did I want to kill him? Oh yeah. Unfortunately, he was an immortal, so that would take more than my simple death wish. Doing the only thing I could do, I scooped up a double handful of mud and lobbed it at him.
When Andrei instinctively dropped the camera to save it, mud splattered his chiseled cheek. With a sputter and a curse, he abandoned professionalism and returned fire, using supernatural speed to hurl handful after handful of freezing cold nastiness at my poor body. I squealed and ducked behind my arms, which made it impossible to hop up and get away even if my heavy backpack would've allowed it.
In a nanosecond he loomed over me, his camera dangling from a strap around his neck as he ruthlessly slathered my face, neck and clothing. My fur hat fell off my head, freeing the ponytail I'd earlier tucked into it.
"Stop! Stop!" Trying to roll off my backpack, I swatted and kicked at him.
"You started this, Kerrigan."
"And I'm ending it, too." Or not. Before Andrei could fully retreat, I scraped up one last glob of the stuff and smeared it from his handsome forehead to his scruffy chin.
He immediately grabbed the front of my jacket, unsnapping it with a firm yank and then wallowing his face in my red shirt. That tickled unbearably. Laughing hysterically, I tried to push him away. But instead of going quietly, he ripped my shirt open. Before the last button pinged off the boulders around us, he'd somehow gotten rid of his hiking pack and mine. He then freed my full breasts from their lacy constraint. Andrei tongued each taut nipple in turn, distracting me so much I didn't realize he'd touched my belt, pants, or bikinis until my bare ass sank into frigid Himalayan mud.
Goosebumps skittered over my flesh, now exposed from tits to ankles. Andrei settled between my knees, pinning my pants and ankles to the spot. Capturing my wrists as well, only over my head, he began kissing my lips. Kissing him back with abandon, I managed to free my hands to unzip his heavy jacket and loosen his leather belt. A quick unzip later, I pushed his pants down enough to free his hard cock.
"Do it. Please." I tangled my hands in his hair. "Now."

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