Monday, December 17, 2012

Review:Covet by Kristabel Reed

A Regency Menage Tale
 by Kristabel Reed
Ravenous Publishing
Menage m/m/f

Charlotte has always loved both William and Grayson for as long as she can remember. Waiting on pins and needles for them to return from the war against Napoleon she has only question for herself, how can she choose which one she wants to be with when she wants to be with both?

William and Grayson formed a strong relationship while fighting the war but they always wanted Charlotte. But how can she accept that they believe that all three of them belong together?

This is another great menage by Kristabel Reed. Set in Regency England where being involved in a same sex relationship could lead to a date with the hangman's noose.  Not only do Grayson, William and Charlotte have to figure out how to make their unique relationship work they also must deal with the facts that Grayson's beloved brother may have been murdered and now wants Grayson dead.

The love scenes between the triad is so how. Readers will genuinely love the characters as much as they love each other. The only thing I request are more Regency menages from Kristabel Reed.


Their fort, she recalled with a fond smile. The three of them often played in the cottage, envisioning it was a great British fort in a far-off land as they defended against marauding invaders. Charlotte would sneak from Willow Hall and meet Grayson and William there nearly every day. When she was older and they’d returned on their summer holidays from Eton, they had to be more careful with her reputation, and the propensity of her tutors to gossip to Aunt Lavinia, but still met at the cottage frequently.
When they’d left for war, Charlotte had often thought of their fun. But the memories of their play had become all too real. She could see the harsh details of reality in their letters when they’d before only been the energetic play of children.
Quickening her pace, Charlotte suddenly wanted to see the cottage again. She’d visited often when they’d first left, but it had been too hard to be in their fort, imaginary or not, when they faced a very real enemy.
Beneath her boots frozen leaves crunched and brittle branches snapped. But she’d made this trip for years and her footing remained sure. Clearing a small cluster of trees, she spotted it.
The dilapidated structure looked much as it had when they’d played, but Charlotte wondered if she hadn’t romanticized it in her memory.
“We’ve always been drawn here, haven’t we?”
William’s voice startled her, and she whirled to face him. Warmth instantly flooded her, and Charlotte took an automatic step forward.
“William,” she said, voice breathless. She cleared her throat and tried not to sound the romantic schoolgirl. “It’s still such a shock to see you here.”
He didn’t answer but closed the distance between them and kissed her on the cheek. It was a slow press of his lips, warm and lingering. When he pulled away, Charlotte was sorry the connection broke, but William didn’t move a step back to a proper distance.
Her heart skipped a beat and Charlotte knew she hadn’t imagined any of that. The heat in William’s dark blue eyes burned through her. She cleared her throat and frantically searched for something to say. It wasn’t as hard as she thought, the man before her was still the William she remembered.

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