Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Wickedly Wanton by Kristabel Reed

WICKEDLY WANTON by Kristabel Reed is wickedly fun to read. Set in Regency England at a time when  women didn't have much choice of whom to marry. Sabine while nervous about upcoming wedding has come to terms with the fact that she is to marry Mr Reddick but she wants some adventure before the ring is placed on her finger.  She also has a strong attraction to her best friend Faith who is in love with Sabine and has no interest in being with a man.  Aiden is the type of hero who when he falls for a heroine he falls hard and makes every effort to make Sabine his. 

Regency Historical
Menage f/f/m

There are a lot of menages but very few with female/female/male and WICKEDLY WANTON is a good example of why there needs to be more of them. I personally cannot wait to read more regency menages by the wickedly good Kristabel Reed. 

Book Description

 December 12, 2010
Betrothed to a man older than her father, Sabine hopes to learn the secrets of sexual pleasure before her marriage night- but when Aiden, Lord Severn catches her kissing another girl, she learns more than she could imagine! Aiden is smitten, but how far will he go to have Sabine for his own?

Don't miss this breathtaking tale of desire, danger, and wicked love!

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