Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review: What Chris Wants by Lori Foster

Review: What Chris Wants
 by Lori Foster

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 Yes this is a male romance and yes this is by Lori Foster and just have to say that  WHAT CHRIS WANTS rocks. I have and I am sure a lot of readers have wanted Chris to get his well deserved happily ever after and he finally gets his chance with hot Master Stylist Matt.

 WHAT CHRIS WANTS gives fans of Lori Foster's EDGE OF HONOR will love not only Matt and Chris' story but you get to revisit with Dare, Trace and their ladies.  Chris loves Matt but is hesitant to make it permanent because he cannot tell Matt what exactly he does for Dare. That he is much more then just his
personal assistant.   But Chris doesn't factor in the matchmaking tendencies of Molly and Arizona.

If you are like me I would read anything Lori Foster writes even if it was on a cereal box and not only does
Chris get what he wants but readers do too.

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