Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Warlords Bounty by Cynthia Sax

Review: Warlords Bounty
 by Cynthia Sax
Ellora's Cave Publishing

WARLORD'S BOUNTY by Cynthia Sax is quite simply my favorite release by her so far. To say that this is good would be an understatement.  In WARLORD'S BOUNTY Zeta is a bounty hunter who needs to snag a high paying bounty to save a school where females are trained to be bounty hunters and not have to work the streets as hookers. She meets Khan who wants to be taken by her in as a fugitive so that he can kill Tolui
a traitor to the Chamel people.

Zeta is a kickass heroine who has a hard time accepting Khan wants her not just for a bed partner but as his mate for life. Khan is a warlord who will do everything he can to make sure his gerel remains safe.

WARLORD'S BOUNTY is a fun, action packed read that will have  you turning on the air conditioner and taking a cold shower after the love scenes with Khan and Zeta. The first bonding scene will have you wanting a warlord of your own.   I cannot wait to read more of this series.


The bigger the bounty, the more dangerous the fugitive.
Khan, a Chamele warlord, has a huge bounty on his head. His enemy is willing to pay an outrageous amount to secure him. Khan wants to be apprehended, especially if the bounty hunter is a particular brown-eyed female with razor-sharp daggers and an even sharper tongue. He’ll allow her to subdue him sexually, his passion and prowess not inhibited by restraints, and when she collects her bounty, he’ll collect his revenge, killing his enemy and claiming his little bounty hunter forever.
Zeta doesn’t do forever. She captures the worst scum in the galaxy and trades them for credits. Khan is fierce and sexy and the most dominant male she’s ever encountered, but he’s also a fugitive. Once she sates herself with his body, she’ll betray him. That’s her job.

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