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Review: Two Men and a Virgin by Kate Richards

Review: Two Men and a Virgin
 by Kate Richards
Decadent Publishing
1Night Stand Series

Andie has always loved Rex and Paul and is tired of waiting for them to be together in every way possible. She gets the idea to set up a date with Madame Eve and arranges for a week alone with her two men in Alaska. But when she finds out that they are together she wonders if they have enough room in their hearts for her as well?

I love friends into lovers story lines and TWO MEN AND A VIRGIN by Kate Richards is a romantic holiday menage between three people who even though they love each other are afraid to cross that line into lovers. This is a menage but with a few kissing scenes there was no male/male interaction and the love scenes are exactly that. Yes it i between three people but readers know that this triad will last way past their one night stand. 


Rex stumbled until the armchair hit the back of his knees and he dropped into it. “Andie?”
Paul scrambled to his feet. “How did you get here? Are you here for the holidays, too? Do you—oh no, you didn’t win a date, too, did you?”
She looked back and forth between them, tension in her jaw he’d never seen before. “No, I didn’t.” Tucking her legs up onto the ledge, she wrapped her arms around them and rested her chin on her knees. She muttered something.
“What?” Paul loomed over her like an interrogator. “I couldn’t hear you.”
“I said—” She dropped her stockinged feet to the floor and rose to her full height of five foot two. “I am your date. Both of yours.” Her helpful clarification sent Rex’s heart into the pit of his stomach in shock.
He moved closer. “What are you talking about? Do your folks know where you are?”
“I’m not a child, Rex, of course they don’t know where I am. But I did tell them I had plans for the holidays.” She brought her gaze up to his, and he fought not to smile at her set jaw or her hands fisted on her hips.
“This is impossible…a mistake.”
“I’m sorry you feel that way.” Her defiant stare belied the tremor in her voice, and he longed to comfort her, but was too stunned to behave like a normal person. “I thought we could spend a nice Christmas Eve together, the three of us, but I guess I can see if they have a room in the lodge available.” She reached for her boots.
“Don’t be silly.” His mind raced, trying to assimilate her presence and determine the right way to respond. “You just surprised us.”

Author Bio:

Kate Richards lives with her wonderful husband and menagerie of adopted pets in sunny SoCal. She loves the beach, the High Sierra, where she has a very tiny cabin, and spending her days making sure all of her characters—eventually—get to have a happily ever after.

Kate loves hearing from her readers, and you can email her at, visit at, or stop by her Facebook katerichardsauthor

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review! As you can tell Rex and Paul have their own story to tell, and it will likely be out in late winter.