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Review: Seduction of a Proper Lady by Kristabel Reed

Review: Seduction of a Proper Lady
Historical Regency Ménage
By Kristabel Reed
Ravenous Publishing

I was recently introduced to Kristabel Reed when I hosted her on my blog for her title SEDUCTION OF MY PROPER WIFE and am I glad I did. SEDUCTION OF A PROPER LADY is a ménage set in the Regency era and if I thought Wife was hot, SEDUCTION OF A PROPER LADY is scorching.
Braeden and Ethan are lovers who are in need of a wife. They hire a matchmaker in the hopes of finding someone who will accept them both. They get that when they meet Laurel. Laurel looks like proper lady but inside she more than matches the passion. I loved how they seduced her not only physically but the subtle ways in the presents they left.
The love scenes are beyond scorching whether it was between the three of them or just two was enough to make you want to take an icy cold shower, but the characters are ones that  you want to learn more of with each turn
of the page. 

“I’m curious, Major Sinclair” she said once they walked several paces from the crowd. “How have you and Mr. Ashmore become such great companions? Your temperaments are quite dissimilar.”
            The look he gave her was entirely unreadable, a dark probing stare that sent a warning tingle through her. Or maybe not a warning, but something darker—not sinister necessarily. But carnal. Laurel blinked, trying to decipher his expression for surely she’d misread him. However he smiled easily at her now and resumed their walk.
            “At one time,” he said slowly as they walked beneath the shade of the tree line, “our temperaments matched more evenly. With my responsibilities in the army, I had to learn to curtail my enthusiasm for such frivolities.”
            Laurel nodded, and hesitated just an instant before saying kindly, “Now that the war is over, wouldn’t you like to enjoy life’s frivolities a little more?”
            Again his dark gaze met hers, unreadable and yet oh-so intense. “I absolutely would,” he said slowly, his voice deep and smooth as it washed over her, sent a shiver through her. “There are many things now I’d like to enjoy more fully.”
            They moved further from the picnic crowds, but Laurel didn’t mind. She enjoyed this solitude with Sinclair, just as she had enjoyed being surrounded by others while she and Ashmore were at the archery stalls. Two different men who brought out different sides of her.
            Laurel smiled up at him and enjoyed spending time with Sinclair .
            “I’m certain there are things you’re curious about as well, Lady Kingsley.” he said, “and would like to enjoy more fully.”
            He made it sound like a promise, a darkly seductive promise and the arousal that hadn’t abated since reading The Curiosity of Miss Laverly flooded through her. Shocked at her reaction, Laurel paused for a moment and looked away. Clearing her throat she took a deep breath and smiled up at him.
            “Many things,” she agreed, hoping her voice didn’t sound as breathless as she imagined it to be. “But as a woman, my choices are limited.”


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