Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Loving The Pink Kiss by Shiralyn Lee

Review: Loving The Pink Kiss by Shiralyn Lee Amazon Digital Services Contemporary Lesbian As a favor Sarah agrees to marry Robbie so that Robbie can stay in the co
untry. She figured they would get married and she would never see Robbie again until the divorced papers were signed. Funny thing about marriages of convenience they never seem to work out the way originally planned. Robbie is actually Robin and even though Sarah considered her straight she started having an attraction to Robbie that was unexpected. LOVING THE PINK KISS by Shiralyn Lee is yes a romance but it is also about the personal growth of the main character Sarah. Before meeting Robbie she was a self admittedly bitch who did not care about anyone other then herself. Then she meets Robbie and realizes that maybe it was time to grow up and become a better person. What she did not count on is Robbie's ex who is borderline crazy who will do anything to destroy any relationship she becomes involved with. I also loved the friends that Sarah had in the book, especially Charlie who helped Sarah during her darkest moments and Sarah's bff who married Sarah's sleazeball of an ex. LOVING THE PINK KISS will take you on an emotional roller coaster as Sarah and Robbie find their way to their happy ending. This was the first book I have ever read from Shiralyn but it definitely will not be my last.

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