Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Delusion In Death by JD Robb

 Delusions In Death
by JD Robb
Berkley Publishing

I have been a fan of JD Robb's In Death series ever since the first book Naked In Death came out and now here it is book 35 and DELUSION IN DEATH is another reason why I love this series.  Lt Eve Dallas and her partner Peabody are called to a popular after work hangout to find something out of a horror movie. Over 80 people are dead and the survivors are talking about weird hallucinations of things that people have phobias about and people killing and attacking each other through the bedlam.  
Eve, Peabody, and of course Roarke must find out who is behind these attacks before more blood is shed.
DELUSIONS IN DEATH deal with a whatif situation? What if someone releases a biological weapon in a building? It may be 2060 but people are still determined to find different ways to kill each other and think that the police are too stupid to figure it out and that they will never get caught.
Have to say though the scariest thing I read in DELUSIONS IN DEATH was that Summerset (for those that have not read the series, Summerset runs Roarkes home but he is much more then that) and Eve were not sniping at each other but cooperating. 
Fans of the In Death books like myself read the books as much for the interactions between Eve, Roarke and all of their friends.  DELUSIONS IN DEATH does not disappoint especially when Eve tells Peabody what happened back in Dallas a few months ago.
Go and get DELUSIONS IN DEATH before book 36 comes out. I already have that preordered.

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