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Reclaiming The Edge Blog Hop


Reclaiming The Edge by Sarah Brooke is the sequel to Ragged Edge and even though I have not read the first one it did not stop me from enjoying Reclaiming The Edge. If anything it made me want to read the first installment.  
Erin has been holding back on her two men Dalton and Cade and they have no idea why. What takes place is Dalton and Cade trying to get Erin back from whatever is holding her back from them. 
This book is so hot and so good. I love menage themes and BDSM theme books and Reclaiming The Edge shows that both together can be done and very well.  I definitely needed a cold shower after reading the love scenes between the three of them. 
This was the first time I have ever read anything buy Sarah Brooke and it definitely will not be the last. 
Readers that love to read menages like myself will love Reclaiming the Edge and eager to read whatever Sarah Brooke has coming out next.  


They drew her closer, cosseting her in their strong arms. How foolish had she been to push this away? She’d never doubted their love for a second, but she’d certainly doubted herself. “My men.”

A shadow darkened Cade’s eyes as he slowly exhaled. “I really want to stay, but my shift starts in an hour since I’m covering for Tommy while he’s away. And unless I want to go to work smelling like you two, I need to take a shower.”

He nudged her mouth with the tip of his tongue. She accepted him, loving the slide of his flesh against hers. Loving the way his careful, patient strokes seemed to melt away the last bands of constriction around her heart. His eyes were alight with arousal when he finally broke away and he turned, capturing Dalton’s mouth next. She treasured sitting this close, feeling the heat radiate from their bodies as they kissed. Though Cade was submissive, the kiss he branded on Dalton’s lips was anything but.

“Take care of our girl.” He moved away, gathered his clothes and closed the door as he left.

Reclaiming the Edge
by Sara Brookes



The sexual journey of Dalton, Cade and Erin begins in Ragged Edge. You won’t want to miss the beginning of their lusty connection!

It isn’t a birthday celebration without a little pain to chase the pleasure—at least according to Dalton and Cade, the two men who stole Erin’s heart. Relationships are complicated and Erin has been retreating—both emotionally and physically—from her lovers. Pushed away for reasons they don’t understand, and determined to erode her resistance, the men devise a wicked plan. They intend to use two very special gifts and one captivating night to reclaim her submission. But Erin’s trip to subspace extracts a heart-wrenching confession that threatens to rip the triad apart forever.

Warning: Contains a well-trained, dirty-talking submissive who succumbs to the commands of her Master, custom nipple clamps, tongue wagging oral sex, a well-deserved punishment with a butt plug, men who share more than a few heart-racing kisses and a custom-made-work-of-art sex chair that shows this M/M/F triad just how powerful their passion for one another is. And that’s just chapter one.


The triad from Reclaiming the Edge is sitting in the back corner of their favorite diner, Mac’s Diner. The morning rush has passed, so there are only a few customers near the front of the store. It’s a perfect time for Erin Corvus to conduct an interview the Collington Creek Gazette asked her to write up since Cade Roberts is running for re-election as the small town’s sheriff. Only, it’s not going so easily. Dalton Shaw, their lover and Dom, is bored. And when Dalton gets bored, there’s no telling what is going to happen. Consider yourselves warned…
Erin: “Guys, the sooner I get this over with, the sooner you can stop complaining about it. Just suck it up and deal with it.”
Dalton: “I’d rather suck on something else. Though, somethings is more accurate.”
Erin: “Oh for…sex is really the only thing you have your mind on, isn’t it?”
Dalton (grinning widely): “Would you prefer that not to be the case?”
Erin: “No. Fine. Cade will at least cooperate with me. You’ve been seated as sheriff of Collington Creek for a few years now—any new changes on the horizon you want to let everyone know about?”
Cade: “Just keeping the peace and making sure everyone stays within the laws.”
Dalton: “Where is the fun in that?”
Cade (scowls at Dalton): “Keeps your ass alive, don’t they?”
Dalton: “I’d rather talk about your ass. Specifically what I’d like—“
Erin (loudly clears her throat): “Gentleman. Dalton expressing his love for Cade’s ass will not be of any help to Cade’s re-election campaign.”
Dalton: “Will help my hard-on.”
Erin: “Maybe this would be better to do another time?”
Dalton: “No. It’s all right. I’ll shut up. Go ahead and keep interviewing him.”
Erin: “Promise you won’t say anything else?”
Dalton: “Dom’s honor.”
Erin: “Some citizens are concerned that you continually butt heads with Mayor Ford. Aren’t you two supposed to be working together?”
Cade: “It’s our duty to serve the residents of Collington Creek with quality and efficient service. That’s something that we both strive for.”
Erin: “Yet you’ve been very vocal about your displeasure in the mayor’s choice to distribute funds set aside for the Patriot Festival.”
Cade: “I wouldn’t say anything at all if the mayor was allocating those funds for the school budget or even a new jailhouse. But the fact of the matter is the mayor only wants to pad his own pockets. The citizens of this town deserve to have someone stand up for them. If that’s me, then so be it.”
Erin: “Dalton, stop! I see your hand moving on Cade’s thigh.”
Cade (snorts): “Thigh? He’s already got my zipper down and his hand wrapped around my—dammitalltohell.”
Erin: “You said you wouldn’t interfere.”
Dalton: “No, I said I wouldn’t say anything. And I’m not. I’m just sitting here listening to Cade’s boring politicking.”
Erin: “And jacking him off.”
Dalton (continues undeterred): “Yes, I am. My version of this interview is so much more interesting, don’t you think? Tell me, Erin, how hot does this many you feel knowing what I’m doing?”
Erin: “Very much and you damn well know it. Dalton—”
Dalton: “Oh I do know. I also know how much Cade likes to hear that sexy voice of yours as well because he just got rock hard.”
Erin: “I know. His eyes just glazed over.” (pauses to watch the two men, then drops her pencil to the table) “This interview isn’t happening, is it?”
Dalton: “Nope, not right now. Let’s get out of here and head to our favorite little room behind my bike shop. It’s been a while since I tested Cade’s control. And I think someone’s ass needs to be turned a few shades of red for barking orders at her Dom.”
Erin: “Fuck.”
Dalton: “That too.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story.

You can contact Sara at or PO Box 5583 Suffolk, VA 23435

Twitter: @Sara_Brookes
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  1. Thanks for the great review and so glad to hear that you enjoyed Reclaiming the Edge!

  2. I really did like it and would love to review anything of yours. :) It was really good.

  3. I didn't realize this was part of a series. I am glad you can read it without being lost and that is just makes you want to read the first one. Looking forward to checking them out

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shannon - and writing this Quickie to be read independently of the first book was exactly my intention!

  4. I enjoyed the review, thank you.


    1. thanks for the compliment on the review. It is easy to review with books like those by Sara

  5. sounds great! but since I'm slightly OCD, I'll have to buy & read them in order. Can't wait!!

    1. Lady Longhorn, I am right there with you - I love to read series books in order.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'll have to read the series - in order for me too.


  7. This sounds like a great read...I'll definitely head over to check this out! thanks for sharing and happy 2013!

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  9. I enjoyed the different excerpt, thank you. Definitely different with Cade being both the Sherriff and a Sub.
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