Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

It is hard to believe a year ago I was living in Warren MI and looking for a new job. I had been working at JC Penney for 7 years and while I loved working with the people there the job itself was going nowhere. I was tired of getting no hours. For over two years I had been looking for another job and when I had to give up my dog it was the last straw and knew I had to find a new place to live as well.

I also had pretty much stopped reading because I spent so much time job hunting. I really missed it a lot and also missed reviewing but I just could not get into it . To say looking for a new job is a job in itself is an understatement. Plus trying to find a new place that everyone could agree on was another job.

Things finally changed when I finally got contacted by ATT to work at their call center in Grayson KY, I just had to go take a test and keep fingers crossed that I passed. I did and was all set to move to Grayson when I found out that getting around there was not easy since they didn't have transportation. I really wanted to work for ATT the money was good and it was near my friends that lived in the Cincinnati area.

Was trying to think of how I could make it work moving to Grayson when I saw that ATT was also hiring in Oklahoma City which was cool cause my sister Marilyn lived there. So I called the hiring manager in Grayson and asked her about it and she said she would hold the spot in the training class for me and contacted the hiring manager in OKC.  I had to do another interview and after the interview I knew I was going to OKC and instead of working with Uverse I was going to work in the IPhone call center.

After moving here I started to get the itch to read again and wanting to review too. So thanks to the Changeling Press yahoogroup I got the idea on how to jumpstart my blog that I had here to do reviews and also post excerpts.  I have read more in the past five months then in the past two years combined.  I also found some new authors who I believe that are going to be huge.   The two authors that come to mind are Milly Taiden who also writes under the name of April Angel. If you love Lucy Monroe you will definitely love Milly. Her books while very hot make you fall in love with her heroes who know what they want and are not afraid to go after it. The other is husband and wife writing duo Kameron Brook and Dirk Tyler. Their stuff is smoking hot and make you want to take a cold shower but I also love their characters.

The only thing that I really regret is missing the Reader/Writer get together near Cincinnati. This was first year that I missed it and to say I missed my friends is an understatement. But I know I will not miss it next year.

In the coming year I am planning on expanding this blog a bit and offering author spotlights. I find I like hosting blogs but would love to create my own events. Also if anyone is interested in advertising your books here email me and we can chat about rates.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck by me this year and I cannot wait for next year.


  1. Merry Christmas to you Barb! So glad that you have been able to reconnect with your love of reading and looking forward to learning more about the authors you are enjoying. Congratulations on the positive developments in your life and may you have many more in the upcoming year.

  2. Merry Christmas Barb! Reading is one of the things that make us always want to smile. I'm glad you were able to find your way back to it :D

  3. Merry Christmas, Barb! Glad you are thriving in OK City & back to reading and reviewing, which I know is your passion. Love you, girlie!! xoxo

  4. Merry Christmas, Barb!!! I just wanted to let you know you won a tarot doll of your choice! *grin* Thank you so much for commenting on my tour. Email me at smblooding at hotmail dot com to let me know which one you would like! http://www.smblooding.com/ht1-order-tarot-doll-autographed-book/ is the link to find out more about the different houses. CONGRATS!!!!

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