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Review :Four Guys and a Witch by Cheryl Dragon

Review: Four Guys  a Witch
by Cheryl Dragon
Changeling Press
Menage MFMMM

Who knew that there were demons in Detroit? I had no clue until I read FOUR GUYS & A WITCH by Cheryl Dragon. Demons are running rampant throughout Detroit and Phoebe knows of a way to rid the Motor City of them but she has to convince (poor thing) four guys that they need to come together as a group to rid Detroit of them.

Ok I admit I have a soft spot for this one because it is set in my hometown of Detroit. FOUR GUYS & A WITCH is so just so good and the love scenes make you want to read them in air conditioning in the middle of winter.  There are some guys that while they love the idea of being with Phoebe they are not sure the whole group thing will work but without a solid group the demons will win. As you read FOUR GUYS & A WITCH you fall in love with all the guys as much as Phoebe has.

Four Guys & A Witch
Cheryl Dragon
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Cheryl Dragon

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The tingle of testosterone and masculinity in the air made Phoebe's body hum. It happened every time she walked into the Franklin and Matthews Office Of Private Investigations. The office was located in a converted Victorian home in the historic section of Detroit, where four men lived and shared a mission. They didn't dress like superheroes, though they'd look good in tights. While they didn't have special powers, they saved people from the things that went bump in the night. Knowing their secret and helping the warriors with their battle put her in rough spots sometimes. Phoebe knew they were on the side of light and good. Her great aunt, who led the local coven, didn't approve, but Phoebe had to help. When they called, how could she resist? She walked past the front room and into the old music room. Two large desks were positioned where she suspected a baby grand once stood. Her powers seemed to increase around the men, and this old house felt like a home to her. Since her coven consisted mostly of women, it made sense that the change to men felt good. She had to work hard not to romanticize her time with the guys. Fantasizing came later. "Hey, there's the prettiest witch in Michigan." Andy Matthews walked out from the kitchen and hugged her. With black hair, blue eyes, and a build like a prizefighter, he intimidated many opponents. He was dressed for the gym. Phoebe didn't mind the view at all. Andy's boyfriend, Jude Clark, was right behind him and gave her an extra squeeze. "We'll be back soon. Gotta sign a new client." He waved on his way out the door. Those boy-next-door good looks on a large muscled frame fit his job as a personal trainer perfectly. "DC is in the dining room. He needs the help." Andy gave her a thumbs up and dashed to catch Jude. "Bye." She waved back. Her body desperately wanted to follow them. They were a couple, but openly flirted with her. The other two men in the group were single and, by all accounts, straight. Of course, they were the ones who kept a more respectful distance. Men! She walked back to the dining room. They'd done basic repairs to keep the house up, but the old printed wallpaper remained. The furniture had held up well through years of use, lots of wood and overstuffed sofas and chairs. Upstairs she knew there were several big bedrooms. In her dreams she moved in, played house, and things got hot. Then reality hit -- she was just a visitor. But it felt good while she was here. DC was bent over his books and laptop as usual. The slight geeky effect of his glasses in no way detracted from his battle-ready body. They trained for battle. Her pagan warriors against evil wouldn't go down the wrong path. When she set her patchwork bag of essentials on the table, she spooked DC. "Sorry. I thought you were expecting me. Why are you in the dining room? Reed is out too?" She took a seat in the antique mahogany chair. "I was going to bring the books to the front office, but here is fine. Reed's in the back office working on a non-paranormal job. Have to keep the money coming in. Once we destroy this group of demons, I'll take all the substitute teaching work I can." DC slid a map of Detroit in front of her. "Must be a powerful group if you've been after them for two weeks." Phoebe saw the bandage on DC's strong forearm. His intense hazel gaze caught her and she buried her nose in her bag. "Is your arm better?" "Pretty much. Their saliva has some sort of enzyme that slows healing. They've killed one person we can confirm, and attacked a few more since we've been after them. We took out a few but there are more." DC tugged his long-sleeved shirt down. He was dressed casually today, jeans and dress shirt. The former history teacher seemed distracted. "What can I do to help?" At only twenty-seven, Phoebe wasn't the most powerful witch in her coven. Most weren't willing, though, to help men who went out to do battle. Wiccans were anti-violence except in cases of self-defense, but Phoebe saw the shades of gray others refused to acknowledge. Protecting innocents from vampires and demons was as noble as any calling. DC shrugged. "They moved again. We need to know where they are. And if you have any ideas of how to increase our luck or protection, I'll try anything." Phoebe touched his arm and he flinched. Pulling her hand away, she focused on her work, not her feelings for these men. Despite their tough exteriors, honor ran deep through all these men. Between cases, she missed them. She knew they missed her too, although they didn't admit it. "I can find them, but we've already tried the basic protection spells. I'm not with you guys so I can't be there to help. Reed won't let me go into battle." She frowned. "You're not a killer. You won't even step on a spider. Plus, if you were there, we'd lose our focus. Reed's right about that. All of us would be worrying about you and not concentrating on the job." DC sat back as if the matter was closed. "You have no idea what I'm capable of if I were threatened or if someone I cared about was in danger. I've got more powers than you do," she calmly asserted. DC shook his head. "Reed and Andy created this group to fight paranormal danger -- men who risk their lives and sacrifice their time to protect innocents and keep evil under control. We know the deal and we've accepted it. We need your help as a witch, not a fighter." Same conversation, different case. Her friends wanted her safe, and she had to appreciate that. Something was still missing. Phoebe just couldn't put her meditative mind on it.


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