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Review: Four Bikers and a Witch by Cheryl Dragon

Review: Four Bikers and a Witch
by Cheryl Dragon
Changeling Press
Menage MFMMM

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After growin up in the biker community in Vegas Val has tried to distance herself from that world. Now a nurse she can't help but still be attracted to brothers Axle and Rebel and their lovers Luke and
Sebastian. But the brothers and their lovers need her special witch abilities to fight off the zombies that are terrorizing Las Vegas.

FOUR BIKERS and a WITCH is the third book in the awesome witch series by Cheryl Dragon. The more I read in the series the more books I want. Axle, Rebel,Luke and Sebastian live and work together in a biker shop as couples but they have wanted Val for years and I love the way they persuaded her to stay and make them complete. 

Cheryl Dragon's series simply rocks. What is not to love four hot sexy guys who love each other as much as they love Val? There is plenty of hot love scenes as well as action scenes as they battle the zombies for control of Las Vegas. 


Four Bikers & A Witch
Cheryl Dragon
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2012 Cheryl Dragon

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Valerie Berman parked her scarlet red Harley Super Glide behind Herth's Repair Shop. Grabbing her bag from the bitch seat, she once again tried to change her automatic thinking. So much of the biker culture put women second or third after their bike... yet she couldn't escape it. Going in the back door, she found her parents in the inventory area. As usual, Dad was bleeding. Looking at him with his long gray hair and tattoos, he was an old biker and Mom, with her ink and tight clothes, a biker's old lady. Valerie rolled her eyes. She should be rebelling. Of course, with her parents, having a job and being responsible was a rebellion. "Seriously, you need to retire from this crap." Val opened her bag and cleaned the cut on his arm. "Val, your father was defending me. Some drunken ass grabbed my boobs." Mom smiled. Shaking her head, Val pressed gauze to the wound so it'd stop bleeding. Mom loved the attention and it invited danger. Some of the bikers shared women. Female groupies were one thing, but wives? Some men didn't care. The wrong signals could cause a major fight. At least Dad had protected her. A girl growing up in a biker gang was vulnerable, but she'd made it out safely. "Is this the only injury?" Val asked. Dad nodded. "A few bruises, but yeah. My bike is messed up but the boys will fix it." Axle Herth walked up from the direction of the repair room. "Everything okay?" Val ignored the shot of attraction she felt whenever one of the Herth brothers came around. They'd grown up in the same gang until they were kicked out as teens. They hadn't gone far. She shook her head. "He should get stitches." "You do it." Mom waved it off. "I'm a nurse, not a doctor." Working in the ER gave Val a sense of satisfaction and adrenaline rushes. She might've gone on for more education, but she didn't want that much in student loans. "Just patch me up." Dad never minded an ugly scar. Val dug through her bag of medical necessities. The bikers who knew her never went to the doctor. They only landed in the ER if they were scooped up by an ambulance, or Val couldn't patch them up. This was her unofficial office. You never really left the biker world. Val would rather have them owe her favors than the other way around. "Mom, hold these. Axle, I need you to help." Val could've done it herself. Still, it'd be cleaner with more hands. Plus the smell of grease and a hot man made the trip worth it. Axle pinched the skin tight as Val guided his rough hands. She added as many sterile strips as she could to hold the skin together. Then she covered the whole thing with a bandage. "I'll come by next week and change the strips. Don't get it wet." "He's got to shower." Mom scrunched her nose. "Put plastic over it, like a new tattoo." Val shrugged and closed her bag. "Don't drink either. If you need something for pain, take a pill." "Got it." Dad's response to anything, which meant he understood. That didn't mean he'd actually listen. "I'm serious. Take it easy too. How did you get cut and crash your bike defending Mom? Sounds like a bar fight." Val wasn't sure she wanted to know. "Jousting," Axle said. "Motorcycle jousting? Men." She tried not to stare at Axle's big muscles, teasing her from under the Herth's Repair Shop t-shirt. His black hair was cropped short, but those brown eyes of his had depth she'd always wanted to unlock. She'd love to explore both of the Herth brothers. Rebel was only a year younger and looked very similar to Axle. However, his eyes were an icy blue. Now both had boyfriends who worked at the shop with them. If they weren't bikers and gay, she'd make a move. They'd been her adolescent crush. Liking bad boys had to be in her DNA. Mom fussed over Dad, pressing her curves, stuffed into a leather skirt and halter top, to his side. At twenty-six, Val could wear that and look good, if a bit slutty. Sighing, Val knew her mom looked good for nearly fifty, except for the sun damaged skin. Dad still thought she was the hottest piece of ass on the planet. "Men." Mom hugged her man. "No reason you don't have one, Valerie Trixie Berman. You've got my gorgeous red hair and curves. A little sun and those green eyes would pop." "I just burn and freckle. I got Grandma's skin." She avoided Axle's eyes. "Four hot men right here. They're not in a gang but they fix bikes. It's something." Mom gestured to Axle. "Let's go. We'll get a loaner bike from Rebel." Dad steered Mom to the front. He knew why Axle was kicked out of the gang. A lot of things were kept secret, men from women and so on. Val had found out from the gang leader's wife only because Axle and Rebel had been getting some lessons from her as well. Mom frowned at Val. "You couldn't dress nice, at least? You look like you're an old lady in that potato sack." "They're scrubs, Mom. I came from work." They'd had that conversation more times than Val could count. Mom thought Val could wear short shorts and tight tank tops to work. Once her parents were gone, Val turned to Axle. "I'm so sorry about them. They're nuts." "Don't apologize. We deal with serious bikers all the time." Axle put a hand on her back. Val shivered. She tried not to think about Axle naked. "Thanks for keeping them out of trouble. I should go home. Let you guys get back to business." "Actually, would you hang out a while? We need a favor. We'll buy you dinner. We're ordering Chinese." Axle smiled. "Okay, sure." Val shrugged. Smoothing her hair as she walked into the repair shop, she looked at all four very attractive guys. Val knew this wasn't about motorcycles. Axle and Rebel were clearly brothers and sexy as hell. Sebastian was Axle's guy, seriously into vintage bikes. His lean build and dirty blond hair made him stand out. The quietest of the group, he just nodded to her with a big smile. Luke was the opposite of Sebastian. Brown hair and piercing green eyes, he'd grown up in another biker gang. The guy had a huge ego and no shame. His look slanted to a bit more brutish than handsome. His confidence enhanced it. "What do you want?" Rebel waved the menu. "Orange chicken." Val sat on a stool next to Sebastian around an empty repair table. Rebel sent the order on his phone and nodded. "It'll be here soon. Sorry about your dad." Val shrugged. "Idiots jousting on motorcycles. He's not a kid anymore." "Well, we've got experience fighting on bikes. Sometimes it's necessary." Luke tossed a shirt and shorts on the table. "What's that?" she asked. "Just in case you want to change into something less clinical. The meeting could take a little time." Rebel nudged the clothes closer to Val. "If you don't like those, grab anything off the racks you want. The scrubs look hot." "Vegas is hot. The scrubs keep blood and other fluids off me. The fun of being an ER nurse." She grabbed the clothes and went to the ladies room. The shirt was the right size, even though she would have grabbed a size bigger to hide her cleavage. The shorts were denim and made her feel terribly on display. Her long legs were a feature other women envied. Scrubs hid everything well. Pulling her hair out of the clip that was part of her work wardrobe, she combed her fingers through it to cool off. The curls looped down to her mid-back. Glancing in the mirror, it looked like she was primping to get their attention. Mom would absolutely approve. Tugging her hair into a ponytail, she managed to clip it that way. She looked less severe but not flirty. Her boring old clogs would kill any sexy ideas. Going back to the guys, she felt something more in their glances. Even out of her heavier clothes, she felt flushed. The smell of food drew her near. "That was super fast." "You service bikers, you get good service." Rebel smiled and handed her the orange chicken. "Egg roll?" Axle offered. "Thanks. So what is all this about? More vampire problems?" She opened her chopsticks. Luke set a diet soda in front of her and Val smiled. It'd been a while since Vegas had had a paranormal invasion. "No. Something new. These things we can't really handle on our own," Sebastian said. Val had trouble believing that. Sebastian was good at the pagan stuff. Val, Axle and Rebel had been intrigued by the private classes in Wiccan religion the biker leader's wife had taught them as kids. Back then, they'd had no idea why she'd chosen them. Val kept in touch with her, and now understood it was that woman's way of rebelling. She embraced her feminine powers, and Val tried to follow that path. Mom and Dad didn't need to know their daughter was a respected witch in the local Wiccan coven. The guys couldn't be seen there and keep their clients. She knew they'd found some online coven. They rarely included her because what they did was dangerous. When the vamps had moved into Vegas, the guys had gone on the attack. They hadn't needed her then. Was this a set up? "So what can't you guys handle?" she asked.

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