Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Fate's Wish by Milly Taiden

Fate's Wish
by Milly Taiden
Etopia Press

Fate's WishSharmila is a witch who's powers are slowly slipping away, ever since her husband left her five
years earlier. The problem seemed easy enough to her mother anyway, that Sharmila needed
to have sex to bring her magic mojo back.
Sensing that Sharmila is in danger, her mother hires the agency her son in law Zahir owns to
get him to protect her when she senses someone evil has their sights set on Sharmila.

 The more I read from Milly Taiden the more I get addicted to her writing. Each one is better
then the last.  Yes this is erotic, the sex is off the charts but the characters are people you actually
like and takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as you root for Zahir and Sharmila to find
their way back to each other.

FATE'S WISH is one of those books that you are going to want to re-read every so often. I know I plan on it.As a warning this should be read in a freezer with air conditioning.


The man she loves left her, but he’s the only one that can protect her.

Sharmila is a witch with a problem. Her magic is waning. And her lack of sex may have something to do with it. Her mother’s solution? Easy. Sharmila needs to get laid. Easier said than done, though, because Shar is still in love with the only man to make her melt, Zahir Darkwrath. Her missing husband. Her demon.

Zahir knows he’s a danger to Shar, so he’s done his best to stay far away. Darkness flows through his being, and when emotions run wild, destruction rages around him. And sex with Shar is definitely wild. Staying away from the woman he loves is the hardest thing he’s ever done, but hurting her would be far worse. So he’s astounded when Shar’s mother hires his company to watch over her.

Evil is heading Shar’s way, and Zahir is the only one who can stop it. To save her, Zahir will need more than control; he’ll need the power of his own darkness--which might be his undoing.

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  1. Thanks for the review and blurb, looks like an interesting read