Monday, November 12, 2012

Escalation Clause Blog Tour

The Gordon Women Interview Each Other

Maureen: Hey Sara.
Sara: Hi Mo.

The two sit across from each other at the table, both dressed in sharp business suits and high heels, both clutching large cups of coffee.

Maureen: So I’ll introduce you, okay?
Sara: Sure (sips and leans back)

Maureen: This is Sara Thornton, she’s married to my brother Jack. God bless her.
Sara: (laughs and sets the cup down). And this is Maureen Gordon, my sister-in-law. Thank God for her.  But don’t kid yourselves. There was a time when she, along with nine tenths of the women around me, hated me. Or at the very least thought I was either stupid, selfish, immature or all three at once. Don’t deny it.

Maureen: (raises both hands) Guilty as charged. However, there was a time when you were. What I realized about you though was that you truly did love my brother. You just couldn’t quite get your head around how to express it maybe.
Sara: Yeah.

Maureen: (pats her hand) He’s a handful, that much I know from direct experience.
Sara: How was he, growing up I mean? You guys were pretty close considering the age difference weren’t you?

Maureen: Yes, we were. By the time I had any memory of anything our mother had crawled into a vodka bottle, mostly to numb herself to what a total asshole my father was. Jack took care of me, of both of us. Some of my favorite memories are of him reading to me at bedtime, or when he taught me to ride a bike or to hit a baseball. We fought and stuff, don’t get me wrong. He is and was a bossy guy.
Sara: And he did not like you with Brandis, his best friend from high school, did he?

Maureen: Nope. Not one bit. But as much as he tried to convince me my falling for Brandis was about me rebelling against him, I knew it wasn’t.
Sara: Overprotective, was he?

Maureen: (rolls her eyes). That is not the half of it. It took him forever to finally accept that Brandis and I were truly in love. (glances away, biting her lip)
Sara: Sorry, Mo. I know it’s hard to talk about him still.

Maureen: (brightening) You know, it’s not that much anymore. Sometimes I can see him, hear him as if he were right here next to me and that used to really hurt. Now…
Sara: I know the feeling.

Maureen:  So, you met Jack, what is it…nearly fifteen years ago now? Wow. Do you even remember those years? They were pretty intense. Not the least of which because of all my drama in the middle of it.
Sara: (takes a deep breath) Mo, I will never ever forget the first second I laid eyes on him. Truly. (twists her simple wedding around on her finger).  And there were plenty of times those early years when I wished I had not—ever—met him. I was told by a good friend of mine that Jack Gordon could be the very best or the very worst thing to ever happen to me. It took me a while to figure out which end of that equation I was getting.

Maureen:  I remember coming into town from overseas with the kids, before…Brandis’ accident. Jack was miserable and I hated you then. Although I knew damn good and well it was partly his fault. It hurt me, seeing him unhappy.
Sara: Yeah we were experts and misunderstanding and mis communicating then. That is true.

Maureen:  Then there was Katie…
Sara: (winces) Yeah, I was a class-A bitch then. I fully embrace that now.

Maureen: Listen, he was ….
Sara: (holds up a hand). No, no, let me finish.  I was trying so hard to come to terms with the fact that I could be loved, that I could be happy with at guy that was so like me on so many levels. And that men in general were not all cheating assholes at heart. My experience had been that they pretty much were from my own father through the guy I was with when I met Jack.  I let myself be ruled by that fear, that insecurity. And was a person even I didn’t like very much. But felt I needed to be to protect myself.

Maureen: What turned it for you? What convinced you to finally trust him?
Sara: A lot of things. (bites her lip) Um, we have a certain way that we, ah, (blushes furiously) listen this is awkward but I guess you know already. Jack is a “Dom” or he was, back when he was still playing at the BDSM thing.

Maureen: (leans back and crosses her arms over her chest)
Sara: He taught me how to break down my own barriers, how to relax into something that forced me to trust him—I had to. It was beyond difficult for me. While I would never call myself a true submissive, and I don’t think he would either, the things he would…um…do to make me…ah…oh hell. (picks up her coffee and sips)

Maureen: (laughs and leans forward) It’s okay Sara I think I know. Not that he ever tells me details but I get it. He has his way of making you trust him. But what I had to remind him more than once was that it has to go beyond trust behind a blindfold or at the end of a paddle, right? He had to be the sort of man outside the bedroom that was worthy of you. And he wasn’t for a while. I know that.
Sara: Yeah. But we’ve done a bit of table turning recently that has helped us through some fairly serious low points in our lives and marriage. I injected something new into our sex life. Big time. I think he was more shocked about how much he LIKED what I did to much he enjoyed being the one who had to let go and trust…than the actual activity.

Maureen: Sara, I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you two have your act together.  He is so much more, so fully “Jack” when he is with you and your kids. It’s incredible. I never thought I’d see him like this.
Sara: Well, staying close to old friends and family (pats Maureen’s hand) really helps. And now that you have a plateful of hot Latin man in your life….

Maureen: (blushes) This is not about me.
Sara: Oh hell yes it is….(leans in). You were nearly as bad as I was with Rafe, don’t deny it.

Maureen: We had…different sorts of issues. But we are working through them.
Sara: I’ll just bet you are….(cocks eyebrow)

They both look up when the door open and smile at the sight of the tall, handsome man with coal black hair and snapping blue eyes dressed in a dark suit.
Jack: Hey ladies. My ears are totally burning here.  Wanna cut me in on this conversation?

Sara: (rolls her eyes) Dearest, how many times do I have to tell you? I am not always talking about you—you are just not that interesting.
Jack: (kisses her hand and pulls her to her feet) Oh hell yes I am.

Maureen: God. Guys. Get a room. Or better yet, take this one. I gotta go. My hot Latin man is waiting for me…..

Escalation Clause: Stewart Realty book 6 is my most recent release. It is not meant to be read as a stand alone but as part of the Stewart Realty series, which begins with a trilogy of best selling books: Floor Time, Sweat Equity and Closing Costs.


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