Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Snow White and Her Seven Lovers

Snow White
Snow White and Her Seven Lovers
by Jenna Ives
Erotic Romance

Snow White and Her Seven Lovers is an erotic take on the classic story of Snow White and
the Seven Dwarfs. When Snow White wakes up she finds herself in a hospital with no
memory of how she got there or who she was.  But she looked into the eyes of Doc she
knew she was safe. Doc explained how he and his friends found her in the apple orchard

Not having a clue as to who she was Doc invited her to move in with him and his six friends
until someone finds her and that way they can keep her safe. Snow White or Blanche as
her guys started calling her was very happy with her seven men until someone comes looking for
SNOW WHITE AND HER SEVEN LOVERS gives a whole new take on the classic story. I have to admit
that I had been curious as to what would happen if there was an erotic twist to the story
and Jenna Ives more then lives up to the what if scenario?  Seven hot guys? Blanche may
have amnesia, and I am not normally a fan of amnesia but it definitely fits with this storyline,
but she is no dummy and loves each and everyone of them.
I love erotic romance and Jenna Ives gives you great insight to each of the seven guys. I
certainly will never view Sneezy in the same way again.
I sincerely hope that Jenna writes more fairytales with her own special erotic twists.

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