Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Love on the Line

Love on the Line
J.M. Madden
Decadent Publishing

Love on the Line

Brady Frost is on his way home from New York and all he wants is peace and quiet on the last six hours of the trip. His hopes are dashed when he finds that he is being joined by a roommate.  Instead of peace and quiet he got Lorna McNight.

After spotting the hot older guy Lorna decides he is the one to put an end to her four year drought of sex and sets out to seduce him.  But when he accepts the invitation she gets more then she bargained for.

J.M. Madden manages to pack enough story and heat in this novella that has the reader begging for more. I know I cannot wait to see what J.M. has coming out next.




He curled his palms over the armrests and forced his gaze out the window and away from her tempting shape. She wouldn’t appreciate an old guy like him ogling her, considering how rough he looked right now. For a solid week, he’d been chasing a bail jumper, moving at all hours of the day and night to track the fugitive down. His jaw ached with a bruise from the man’s fist and itched with the beginnings of a beard, and his hair stuck up from his head, a mess from catching up on sleep on the hard lower bunk.

The intercom droned in the hallway. Though he couldn’t make out the words, he knew the train was preparing to depart. Beneath him, the vibration of the diesel began to build. He opened his mouth to tell the girl to hang on when the train lurched into motion. Staggering, she tried to maintain her balance but tripped on the bag at her feet. She splayed her arms to break her fall. He snagged her wrist, and with a strategic tug and twist, her butt landed square in his lap. If he’d been any less strong, the maneuver wouldn’t have worked. He choked back a laugh as he remembered his earlier thoughts. Thank you, Madam Fate.

Unable to help himself, he gripped her tiny waist. My God, her ass is perfect. She twisted to peer over her shoulder at him. “They don’t give you much warning, do they?”

Those luminous eyes dropped to his lips, and the awareness that had rolled through his body seconds earlier exploded. It centered in his groin, hardening his cock to the point of pain. He thought she would be offended, but she didn’t move away. Anxious to leave her the option to move, he forced his hands open and rested them on the arms of the chair. “Didn’t mean to grab you.”

She shrugged her tanned shoulders, and he got a peek at a bright pink bra strap under the tank. “I don’t mind a little handling by a man.”

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  1. This is a super hot book, Decadent Publishing is glad you liked it as much as we do!