Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review: Long Relife by Abigail Barnette

Review: Long Relief
Hard Ball Series
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Book 1
by Abigail Barnette
Respledence Publishing

After reading Triple Play I simply had to go find the first in this baseball series. LONG RELIEF
was well worth looking for. Maggie Harper is a successful businessperson in her own
right but when her father leaves her the Grand Rapids Bengals baseball team. Last season
the team made it to the championship series but did not win, part of the reason was relief
pitcher Chris Thomas.

As a teenager Maggie had feelings for Chris and when they meet    again the feelings she hadas a teen does not compare to how she feels
for him now.
 Chris and Maggie struggle to
keep their feelings secret but secrets have a way of getting out.

I love baseball and Abigail Barnette taps into every female baseball fan's fantasy of what
would it be like to get in a relationship with a ball player? Also takes a twist
on the boss/employee relationship. Reading this almost makes me smell the popcorn and
hot dogs in the stadium as well as wanting Chris and Maggie to find a way to be

LONG RELIEF combines two good things baseball and a good contemporary romance. I am
going to be looking for more books by Abigail Barnette.

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