Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: ALLSPANC by Tia Fanning

by Tia Fanning
Stiff Rain Publishing

I expected ALLSPANC to be good but it is even better then I had even thought. Working for Dr
Wilbur Stieran for the past two years Jessa thought he was a stiff know it all you know
what. She began to see him in a different light after making a couple mistakes found
her over his knee.
The assistants that worked with Dr Wilbur convince her to test out a prototype car and finds
herself on a wild ride where she ends up at the home of Wilbur.
The one thing I love about reviewing is discovering new to me authors and Tia Fanning is
now one author I will definitely be looking for. ALLSPANC had me laughing while Jessa
was arguing with the car and fanning myself with the sizzling attraction between
Jessa and Wilbur.
One thing that I loved is that you really began to care about Jessa and her plight and
discover through her eyes that Wilbur may not be the stuffed shirt both she
and the reader think he is.


The perfect assistant, Jessalyn Palmer is proud to work for Dr. Wilbur Stieran, a brilliant mechatronic scientist and world-renowned inventor. However, when her two years of flawless service is ruined by an unfortunate spelling error, Jessa finds herself over the boss’ knee.
A week later, Jessa is still trying to come to terms with the spanking and the conflicting feelings the punishment invoked. Embarrassed by her response to his loving discipline, she has avoided her boss as much as possible. Then the apprentices beg her to test drive Stern Stieran’s latest invention—his precious prototype, AllSPANC.
By the end of the journey, Jessa (the no-longer-perfect assistant) discovers that some mistakes are worth making, and that some lessons are worth learning the hard way.

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you enjoyed the story!