Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review: Run The Risk by Lori Foster

The first author I ever reviewed was Lori Foster and the book (yes I still remember it) In Too Deep and so now that I finally have gotten back to doing what I love to do review, it seems only right that one of the first books I review is by Lori Foster.

When Detective Logan Riske finds the elusive Pepper Yates posing as Sue Meeks an average looking apartment manager he knows he found the one person who could help get the evidence that is needed in the solving of his best friend at the hands of a corrupt club owner her brother Rowdy. He moves into the apartment next door to her and poses as a construction worker.
His plan seemed  simple enough to stick as close to Pepper as possible to nab her brother and bring him in so he can finally arrest the person responsible for his friend's murder.

Pepper has been in hiding so long and has changed her appearance so that the people after her brother won't be able to track her or him. Known as Sue Meeks she is surprised that someone that looked like Logan would be interested in her.   But she will do what she can to protect her brother from  \the people who are after him.                                                                                                     
RUN the Risk is the first in a hopefully very long series by Lori Foster. From the very beginning you know that not everything is as it seems.  Logan and Pepper are both hiding something from the other. He is hiding that he is a cop and she is hiding behind what she thought was the perfect disguise but that doesn't stop Logan from finding her attractive and the sexual tension that they create is enough to singe the pages.

Lori Foster also does a great job of making you wonder as well as Logan if his friends were really trustworthy or if they were dirty cops that needed to be brought down as much as the crooked club owner.

I cannot wait for Reese's story in the next book Bare it All which comes out next spring.


Run the Risk
“Let me leave you my number. Anything comes up, or if anyone bothers you –”
You’re bothering me.”
His gaze zeroed in on her mouth. “That’s why you’re flushed?”
Oh God. More heat rushed to her skin’s surface. “Really, Mr. Stark –”
“Logan,” he corrected softly. “Say it for me. Just once. Then I’ll go.”
He wanted to… seduce her?
So it appeared. And worse, he succeeded just by presence alone. “Logan,” she agreed through stiff lips. “I need to go.” Before I do something stupid – like invite you in.
Or kiss you.
Or drag you down to the floor and
He pulled a card from his pocket. “My number. Seriously. Any problem at all – or if you just want to visit – give me a call, okay?”
“All right.” Not on your life. “Thank you.”
As if he knew her thoughts, he gave a warm laugh and stepped out of the doorway. “See you later, Sue.”
Not if I see you first. “Goodbye, Logan.” She started to close the door.
And he said, “Now that wasn’t so painful, was it?”
She clicked the door shut in his face, then dropped against it.
Painful? Not exactly.
Stirring? She felt like a blender on high speed, all her emotions, all her dormant desires, churning together in a frenzy.
It had been too long – like forever – and she was too deprived to be around a specimen like him without imagining the impossible. She needed to find a way to avoid him, but she’d have to do it without causing suspicion. And there was the rub.
Avoiding him was suspicious.
Pepper turned so that it was her shoulders against her door. Head down, eyes closed, she struggled to come up with a plan.
Maybe, she reasoned to herself, she was going about this all wrong. Any woman would be flattered by Mr. Stark’s attention.
A woman like her, especially so.
Slowly, she lifted her head. Did she have a good reason to engage him in conversation? To get to know him better?
She pressed her hands to her cheeks and fought off a smile.
Yes, that’s what she would do. She would stop deflecting him, and instead – she’d shyly reciprocate. If that didn’t scare him off once and for all, she didn’t know what would.


  1. Great review, Barb. Love the excerpt. Thanks!


  2. Nice review Barb (and it was a delicious start to another exciting series!)