Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Make Me by Megan Slayer

Make Me
Review: MAKE ME
by Megan Slayer
Changeling Press/Razors Edge 

MAKE ME by Megan Slayer is an awesome story of two people who have grown apart rediscovering
each other in one hot erotic night.
Dixie and Zeke had been married for years and it had been months since they had any kind of sexual
contact. After a disastrous day at work and resigned to spend the evening alone
Dixie's night took an interesting turn when she finds a pretty blue box with ribbon.
I love the theme of couples rediscovering each other, normally it is after years being apart but
Megan gives us a glimpse into a seemingly average couple who want to reignite the
spark that has been lacking in their marriage. I have to say that Ms Slayer does
a great job and also may make you want to turn up the air to full blast when reading.
If you have never read Megan Slayer then I highly suggest that this will be a great way
to start but better have your credit card handy because you will be buying more.

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